czwartek, 30 września 2010

Italian kitchen

Hi all,
Today together with Mags, Kasia, Andrea and Marie we went to nice recomended by Marie italian restaurant where all delicoius pasta that we ate were created on our own eyes :D I still can't forget lovely taste my pasta with mozzarella and pomodoro. Yummmy :-)
I put some pic when I get them from Kasia. He He she was only one pesron with camera :-)
I have just finished packing myself. I am ready to go. Welcome Italy :-)


wtorek, 28 września 2010

7 deadly sins

Today I had ocassion to see pictures made speacil for b-day edition Paris Vogue. The deadly sins became inspiration for Steven Klein, Lara Stone and Carine Roitfeld to make this controversial phot sesion that I realy like. And what do you think about them?

niedziela, 26 września 2010

Picture me

Last days I have found short note in Tenn Vogue about the movie "Picture me". And now I can't wait to see the. In this movie ex super model model Sara Ziff and her former boyfriend co-director Ole Schell, expose the seedy recesses in the world of high fashion modeling; including those who turn a blind eye to it. This movie is telling about the black side of being a model, it's touching the problems like anorexia, rape, hunger and drugs. This document-movie introduces us the world of models and fashion from completly another site. It shows that the world about millions young girsl dreaming is far away from their dreams. Sometimes you have to ask yourself that the price that you'll have to pay to being in the flesh of lights it's worth it.


sobota, 25 września 2010

Alison Brady :-)

Some days ago I have read article about Alison Brady. She is making amazing pictures. Little disturbing but very very intresting.Some of them reminds me pictures painted by my favourite painter Salvadore Dali. Just check yourself.
All pictures are coming from her own site.

piątek, 24 września 2010

The best of Autumn beauty event :-)

Some weeks ago I get the invitation for special event "the best of Autumn beauty" prepared for Elle magazine and sponsored by Harvey Nichols and Skyy Vodka. It will be specail night during there every guest will be have ocassion to try new beauty products for a/w 2010, enjoy mini make-overs, massages, make up and drinking the Skyy vodka coctails. It will be great chance to meet international make-up artist and skincare professionals. It will be great ocassion to try new product including lanvi, Laura Mercier, Shu Uemura,YSL, Tom Ford. Every guest receive as well nice goodie bags. More from this event after 6th October :-)

Italian Vogue photo session

Last month Italian Vogue presented touching photo session conected with the tragedy in Mexican Bay.
Fotograf: Steven Meisel

Modelka: Kristen McMenamy
Stylizacja: Karl Templer
Włosy: Orlando Pita
Make-up: Pat McGrath

Yes and Anna Jagodzinska

Yes earings - summer collection :-D

Anna Jagodzinska :D

One of the most popular jewelery company hired one of the most popular polish models - Anna Maria Jagodzinska that will be new face of the YES company.
Personaly I am big fan of YES jewelery. Last Saturday my YES collection was getting bigger about one pair of amazing earings that I am going to wear during event Autumn of Beauty organized by Elle magazine.

Shocked photo shoots Mario Sorenti

Natasha Poly during shoots

Below I would like to present new photo shoots made by Mario Sorenti for V magazine.The title of this session is "city of God" and the main model role get Natasha Poly.Making tis session photograph touched a lot of topics like religion, politics and much more. It's realy hard to watch them without emotions.
Video from session below:

Lanvin for H&M

I am crazy about the fashion so when I just received information about that Lanvin is going to join to the group designers making some clothes and staff for H&M I was very excited. Now I am waiting to see official collection that you can buy in the end of November.
On the beginning you can watch this video. Ready?

wtorek, 21 września 2010

Life in Poland

me new hair :-)

me before pedicure

lovely cafe where i was with Aga :D

me :-)

My lovely Hugo in the kitchen

I was out of net last days . From Saturday I am in Poland where I am spending lovely time going out with my friends and family. I visited some lovely cafe, pubs etc Today i was to make my pedicure ( in the same place that I always do it).
Pictures and more info about this when I'll be back to Uk.

środa, 8 września 2010

Fashion's night out :-)

Hello ,
Today after work I was in the city in Harvey Nichols where I was enjoing fsahion's night out evet. Every flooor offered you a lot of great attractions :-) using from the ocassion i bought little shopping ( mainly for my mum :-) )and I colect my invitations for special Autumn Beauty Event :-) Can't wait this party :-)
Hope that you had good day today. Unfortunetly I didn't put any pic cause I forget to take my camera with me. Well....

wtorek, 7 września 2010

Fashion night out

Hi all,
Just some hours left and after will start the big fashions - night - out :-)
More deatils you can find here :


poniedziałek, 6 września 2010

Eudon Choi

Reading new Elle magazine i have found awesome dres ddesigned by Eudon Choi. Thi style, colours and everything in this dress look so great and sexy. I love it :-)
I think that Eudon is very talented designer. And what do you think?

Shopping and the movie

I had a very realxing weekend. On Saturday I spent some hours watching the end of the Third sezon of Gossip Girl. I like it very much. Yesterday together with my ster wewent to the city make some shopping. At first we went to H&M where I bought some great blouse for me. My sister buy some great green scarf to herself. Later we went to Selfridges where we bought great new Chanel mascara. I love them :-) And my sister bought for herself her dreaming Chanel balerinas :-D in the end of day we went to the cinema to see the movie "last exorcism" - frankly , I don't recommend them. The plot is without sense. Someone had not idea to make this movie. It's not scary so if you'll like to feel fear you'll be disapointed. After the movie we went to KFC to enjoy delicious maltesers smoothie :-)

czwartek, 2 września 2010

H&M autumn collection

I realy like this shoes :-)
Pancho - finaly I bought them and really like them :-)
Scarf- it's amazing :-) Hope that I'll find them soon :-)

Some days ago I was in the city and I visited one of the biggest H&M stores here where I grabbed new catologue with trends for new season. I love especialy this postion :-) In the nearest days I plan to grab all of them :-)
And what you are going to wear this season???


This month Elle celebrates its 25 b-day :-) Congratulation. Here in Uk you can buy them with some different covers. And inside like usualy a lot of fashion and great articles. Enjoy !!!!