wtorek, 25 sierpnia 2009

Showreel, shopping and meeting with friends

Hi all

Yesterday first time I could watch my showreel prepared by my agency TCS in London. You are first that they can see some capture from them. I hope that you like them :-)

By the way yesterday again i made little shopping this time I bought new dress from H&M and great hat from H&M as well. I really like this company. They have alot of nice not expensive staff. Today shopping is going on. I bought two pai of jeans from new great collection New Look. I really love thwm . Skinny and low hip jeans are really great and thanks for them you can show that you got :-) For soe minutes I go to meet with my friends from work and together we will go to italian restaurant to eat something yummmy...Can't wait and in the evening I will meet with my best friend from London - Soss :-) Can't wait too cause we didn't see almost month so...

Wish you good day guys.

take care


poniedziałek, 24 sierpnia 2009

Hair staff

I am totaly fell in love with make up , hair and body staff. few days ago I visited great hair proffesional store where I bought some staff to my hair.I really recommend them.One of them is great if you are looking something to protect your hear before sun and second is great if you are trying to protect your hair using iron to hair.

I really recommend them :-)


after shopping


It was nice weekend. I can sleep, rest far and stay away from work. On saturday I made shopping. I was in H&M where I bought two t-shirt ( mint and coral), later I was in House of Fraser where I bought white bra from Wonderbra ( love them).And later I visited part of Estee Lauder where i bought my favourite base.

None pic from the city cause I forget my camera :-)



poniedziałek, 17 sierpnia 2009

after recording

Hi all,

Yesterday I was in Wembley area where together with my sister we were active part of audience in studio Fountain where we recorded new funny family program. These all kids in program were so lovely.Realy. I had a lot of fun...



sobota, 15 sierpnia 2009

'Tarrant Lets The Kids Loose' and lazy saturday

Hi all,
Today I am going to rest rest and rest. I really need to sleep very well so I did it :-) hi hi....
Tommorow with my sister we are going ' to recording the program "Tarrant Lets The Kids Loose at Fountain Studios in Wembley. We will be part pf audience and I am so exciting this :-)
I tell you more later tommorow.


czwartek, 13 sierpnia 2009

Meeting with friends


on thuesday I had ocassion to meet with my friends Dawid and Łukasz. We were going to the pub The white horse ( one of my favourite here in London) to talk and drink something. The weather was great. Real summer :D And first time I had ocassion to wear my new shirt. I bought them in Sweden and I really love them :-)
By the way in the end of september I am going to Poland :-D hurrray :-)

piątek, 7 sierpnia 2009

Make up staff :-)


I love cosmetics almost like every woman.Right now I am using:


Estee Lauder Double Wear stay in place make up 1N1 ECRU 16

( is amzing it covers all not perfect things on your face)


Eyeshadow Estee Lauder 05 SPICED PEACH

Eyshadow Loreal ColorAppeal TRIO PRO 319 Golden GREEN and 303 BEIGE TAUPE

mascara double wear zero smudge lengthening mascara from EStee Lauder

( it's amazing, your lashes are really longer :-) )


Estee Lauder lipstick 31 Spiced Coral ( it's very sexy)

Effet 3d les nudes BOURJOUS PARIS number 33 ( very shiny)


blush Jouses Contraste 99 ROSE PETALE from CHANEL

( i really love them)

I am so tired after this week and today I have to go make shopping cause my fridge is almsot empty :-\

Take care


środa, 5 sierpnia 2009

Pure show in Olympia and later recording for BBC3


Yesterday I had really busy day here in London. In the morning I was working later. I was to see Pure show in Olympia. Great show and a lot of really nice clothes :-)
Later I was in small studio inside Putney Art theatre where we recording first records for BBC3. I had a lot of fun there. Simon Brodkin is really fun guy. By the way I had ocassion to meet really nice people there like actress Emilly :-)



Stokholm last day

2 august 2009


we had wonderful weather here today. It was really warm. So I was so happy that today we decided to take aprom and were to see one of the small lovely swedish islands.

Later we were in town. We made small shopping. And about 5 pm we have to back to the airport :-(

I am so happy that I can be here in Sweden. It was great experience and I hope that I am back next year here :-D


Stokholm, Vasa, Skansen , old city and rest :-)

1 august 2009

Today I get up early and with Mags we started to know Stokholm closer. Thansk for help of Mika we caught bus and we went to see at first Vasa museum and later we had alot of fun in Skansen museum :-) In the middle of Skansen you can find lovely mini zoo.

After we went to eat something. We have choosen lovely italain restaurant in the old city Michealangelo where my sister decided to order lasagne and me spaghetti carbonara :-)

Later we were to see old city ( love them). These all small lovely houses are so lovely and pretty.

We saw as well royal palace and catehedral :-)

In the evening we were to nice bar to try typical swedish beer. Nice :-)


wtorek, 4 sierpnia 2009

Stokholm and meeting with Anorah and rest swedish girls :-)

31 july 2009


I had long trip but here I am in Stokholm. Today on the beginning we tried to find with my sister our hotel and later and later we went to meet with Anorah in place called "Filadelfia". It was easy find to place despite the fact that we were in Stokholm first time.

Some pic with sunny Anna :-)