środa, 28 października 2009


I forget to write about new swedish version the musical "Grease" that will be held next year in Stokholm. I really wanna see them and I hope that next time when I'll be in this city I'll be have ocassion to do it. In main role you can see pretty and talented miss Marie Serneholt. I a sure that she will be perfect in this role. I borrow this pic from her blog site)

( more about them in her Elle blog. I put link to them:http://www.elle.se/bloggar/marie-serneholt.aspx


It's me again. I am totally crazy about fashion and all this staff. Last days I try two new things. First of them is amazing mask to hair Osmo company. You can buy them in special shop for hairdresser. It's awesome. Your hair just after first use look so great. They are so soft and smooth.I really recomend them. Second staff is new polish nail Chanel company. This colour someone called Vendetta and it's really aweosme. This is one of three new collection. If you like to be on the top you try them :-D

Halloween shopping

Hi all,

Yesterday I was very late at home cause of shopping. It was last ding-dong to find something for saturday halloween party and I have found so :-) After weekend I put some pic of me in Halloween version so you'll be know what I'll find :-D hi hi...

By the way I was in Apricot shop ( one of my fav in London) and I couldn't stop myself to buy new great jumper for myself. I am totally fell in love with this bottoms :-D

For every reading perosns I recomend the book Katarzyny Grocholi "Kryształowy anioł" .It's touching and very realy.

take care//kah

czwartek, 22 października 2009

Recording "Magic numbers" for ITV station

Hi all,

Yesterday I was in London Studion where for ITV TV I recorded with a lot of people program " Magic numbers" hosted by Stephen Mulhern . I have a lot of fun like usually. One guy was particulary funny :) I couldn't stop laughing :-) It was great also to see and listen signing and dancing Alexandra Burke with her new song " Bad Boys". After all I was really tired at home after 11 pm.Now I am waiting for weekend and meeting with my friends from here.

take care


Ps I have started to reading great boog written by Katarzyna Grochola ( her new one) . It's really great especially for women so I recomend :-)

piątek, 16 października 2009


Hi guys,

At least we have a weekend again. I am going to rest rest and one more time rest this time. Tommorow I'll plan with Mags small shopping . We needs y some staff for Hallowen party at Howy's house. ( I can't wait). And later we plan as well to go the city with our friends Eddie to one nice place that i have never before( tell you more later about them). Wish you all of you good weekend as well :-) I have to rest before next week during that I will be take a part new tv program "Magic numbers" that me and some people we'll be recording this wednesday in London Studio. I am sure that we'll be great.




Hi guys,

Sory I didn't write for a while but I was alot of staff to do. Last weekend I spent in Barcelona in Spain. It was awesome. I really need short holiday in some nice place. It was great trip during that I met new people like Sebastian and Bruno :-) I could see a lot of great places that I always wanted to see like casa Milo, La Sagrada Familia nd much more made by Gaudi especially. I regret that I haven't time to enter to Picasso museum and see his works but I hadn't time for this. i promise myself thaI make this next time :-) It was great to enjoy spanish food , culture, weather and all this staff that this amazing city had offered me.

I want to share some pic with you guys.



wtorek, 6 października 2009

staff meeting

Hi ,
Yesterday instead of to be on set one videoclip I have to go to work and after I have staff meeting. This time my manager made them in nice big pub here in London and we had a lot of fun together. today I want to start pack myself cause usually I make this last day and usually I forgot about something so this time I try to avoidthsi situation packing myself earlier. I can't wait weekend and my weekend trip to Barcelona.