poniedziałek, 29 marca 2010

Weekend with movies

Finally during this weekend I had ocassion for longer sleeping :-) By the way I was watching a lot of movies as well like "Get away" - really good ,"zombieland" rather weak. Yesterday on ITV1 together with my sister we watched one program that i recorded for this television in studio london some weeks ago. It was so strange to see myself on the tv screen. It was I think the first time in my life that I did it.
Just four days and we have here in UK long weekend. I can't wait.

czwartek, 25 marca 2010

Party Elle at Harvey Nichols


What a great night I had yesterday :-), after work I went to the central London to Harvey Nichols where I took part in fashion show winter/spring 2010. I had ocassion to drink very nice chapagne , eat some lovely cakes and took part in "nails making" thanks for them after the colours of my nails looked so nice :-) In the end I received nice gift bag from Elle and Harvey Nichols :-). It was really good night :-)


on me:

coat - Mango

dress- H&M

shoes-Jimmy Choo

bag - Fiorelli

jewelery: Apart

sobota, 20 marca 2010

Shoopinggggggg :-)

Hi all,

Todays afternoon I spent running from stores trying to find my proper one for wed party. And I have found them :-) I spent alot of time changing and choosing a lot of clothes and finally I have chosen this one :-)

I put some pictures from wardrobe :-)

Later i made shoping in food market and I am back home. Now I am watching "Friends" :-)

I need more LOVE

Hi couple days ago I have discovered in one of markets "LOVE" magazine. Inside you can find great, artistic pictures , articles and much more. This number has a lot of covers so you can choose your favourite one :D

I put some great picture from inside that I really like.


Finaly we have a weekend :D Tommorow I'll plan to find something cool to wear on wed part organised by Harvey Nichols and Elle magazine. I can't wait :-)
By the way tommorow on H&M stores will appear the new Garden collection. I am lucky one who some days ago had ocassion to get something from this collection :-) I am sure taht everyone of you will find something for you as well :-)

wtorek, 16 marca 2010

Gossip girl

During my visit in Poland i made little shopping in Media Mark where i bought great book for myself and "the gossip girl" second series. I can't wait to start to watch them cause I really like them.

xoxo ;-)


Some days ago my cream to face has finished so I had to buy something new. This time first time in my life I tried something new. I have choosen Chanel cream gel to combination face and it's awesome. Really recommend. Here it is:

In Poland

Hi guys,

Last few days I spent in my family city Poznań. It was great ocassion to meet my friends, family. I visited my lovely hairdresser ( thanks for her I'll be look great, especially my hair, during thuesday Elle party) :-). I was in cinema where first time last thuersday I watched with my friend Filip "Avatar" - it was touching experience for me. This all world created by avatars is so pretty. On saturday I met with some group of my closest friends. On sunday I was in cinema in some special vip room cinema where we watched "Alice in wonderland". I really like Helena Bonham Carter as a red queen. She is awesome. Really. I bought some staff that i took with me to London where I am now. hope that you had great weekend as well.

On pic first me and Jarek, second me and Jacek and Laeti :-)

wtorek, 9 marca 2010

crazy week

Hi all,

Yesterday after not-sleeping Oscar night I was completly tired and I was working 12 hours so I hadn't any strength to write something about that. I am so happy that Sandra Bullock get this Oscar. Good for her :-)

Tommorow night I am going to Poland and I am still not packed ( i hate it by the way) :-/

So tommorow will wait for me another crazy day in this week. By the way on mai again I'll be in Sweden :-D Yohoooooo :-)

niedziela, 7 marca 2010

Oscar night

Hi all,
I am going to bed for 30 minutes ( hope) and later wake up at midnight to start to watch Oscar ceremony. I love to do it. I started when I was little girl ( thanks for my parents especially dad who spend with me and my sister a lot of hours in dark, big cinema rooms ). I still wonder who recived the Oscars this year. I have got my type of course :-)
Have a good night :-)

piątek, 5 marca 2010

Grease - swdish version

Last weekend I spent in Sweden - in Stockholm where I had ocassion to see new swedish version of great musical Grease. All cast was brilliant. I really like this show. If you are living in Stockholm or you'll be there on holiday it's really worth to get to Gota Lejon to see this show. By the way I hope that Marie feels now better and she will come back on the stage again.



wtorek, 2 marca 2010

Stockholm, Grease and a lot of cool people and place

I can't even described how good weekend I had. I landed last friday in Atlanta airport where I catched the bust tond the Stockholm. I was really suprised how much snow it is inside the city :-O
On friday I want to meet with my friend Anna, but unfortunetly she was working this day and she get my last text too late so we hadn't ocassion to meet each other. I hope that we'll do it next time in the summer. First day we were in Skyview on the Ericson concert hall. I could admire awesome view some part of the city from the roof. It was really cool. Later together with Mags we were in Gota lejon Theatre where we bought tickets for the Grease musical :-) The end of the day we spent in blue line of subway ( i love stockholm's underground - it's georgous ).
On saturday we were inMillesgarden and later we went to the Gota Lejon to see awesome swedish version of Grease musical. Thansk for Anna after show I had ocassion to meet with Marie Serneholt who plays Sanna in them She is so lovely, full of energy woman. I rehret that she was beetwen the shows and we hadn't too much time to talk longer. Hope that will be ocassion next time to do it. Marie using from ocassion I want to wish you good luck with this show, hope that you start the tour with them cause the musical in swedish version is very very good. I understood just some words ( i don't speak swedish :- ( ) but i had fun and enjoyed them a lot. Later we were in the old town and old war cementary where I made short artistic movie :-)
ON sunday we visited a lot of place like aquarium, animal skansen and wonderfull park with house full of butterflies. It was great experience for me. And i do it something that make that I am really proud of myself - I touched real TARANTULA . I am afraid of spiders so...
Now I am back in London again and i am badly misssing for Stokholm. Later when I'll work with my camera I put some pictures from this trip.