piątek, 29 kwietnia 2011

Royal wedding

Today morning and early afternoon I spent watching on TV the English Royal Wedding. I couldn't wait to see wedding dress of Kate Middleton. She looked absolutely stunning today :-)I wish Willam and Kate all the best on the new way of theirs life :-)

bbb behind the scenes from the blog Lee Mann

I just have found this site :-)
Lee thank you for putting this slide show from backstage of video BBB. I can't wait to watch them :-)


All I need are shoes ;-)

Every woman has some fashion guilty pleasure mine are shoes :-)
And yours?

wtorek, 26 kwietnia 2011

DKNY Autumn/Winter 2011

I am so sorry for long break here but I was quite busy with painting, decorating my new place. I had as well ono photo shoot yesterday and casting to movie today (Hope that went well and in the end of Mai I will start work on movie set).
Today I want to share with you some of my favourite parts of DKNY Autumn/Winter collection. Do you like them too?


poniedziałek, 18 kwietnia 2011

Make up close up

This is close up make up made by Paula last Saturday :-)I know I looks almost like Lady Gaga LOL :-D

From the set the song "Big Black Boots" for the band How to destroy angels

getting instructions from director Lee :-)

just me

during killing Sean ;-)

Erika solo :-)

in action with Erika

sing sing sing

almost ready for next shoots ;-)

me, Lora and Erika in action :-)

Sean solo :-)

Sean and Lora during action. Lee and Sam behind the camera

Hi there,
On Saturday like I wrote before I woke up early and I went to South part of London where in one small studio I made the video clip to the song "Big black boots" directed by talented and full of energy director Lee Mann. Together with another models Erika, Laura and Sean at first we had made our hair and later very specific make up by Paula. In the same time Roxy and rest of the crew took care about our outfit, food, drinks etc. When everyone was raedy we started made scenes for this video.Between the scenes Roxy made some photo shoots all models playing in this video.I wore really sexy and crazy outfit ( rest of the girls too of course).On the begining I was scared to make any move cause I thought that some parts of my outfit can move out but it was not happend :-)cause all the time art director and make up artist kept eye on us :-)Finally we have finished this video after 10 pm and all cast could go home.Despite the fact that was really long day I had great fun making this video shoots and in the end of the day I was sad that we have to say goodbye.
puss puss

all pictures that I put here today was made by art director Töve Andrews. Töve thank you for sharing this pictures with me :-)

sobota, 16 kwietnia 2011

On the set

I have just finished my breakfast and slowly slowly I am going to the South London where today I will be making new video clip. This time it will be video clip for Trent Renzor and his band How to destroy the angels to song BBB ( Big Black Boots. More from the set on Monday :-)
Have a good weekend :-)

piątek, 15 kwietnia 2011


And finally I put pictures of the clothes that I bought during yesterday's shopping.

First position - lovely coral dress :-)

Second position - shirt from new organic H&M collection :-)

Hope you like them :-)


H&M new organic collection :D

Yesterday finally I have found bit of time to go the city. This time I checked H&M shops cause I wanted to get some clothes from the new organic collection.
This is short presentation some of the clothes from these collection :

cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today some short presentation two healthy drinks that I bought yesterday :-)

first one Beet it by James White - this is clear betroot( 90%) and apple juice(10 %). Maybe not so yummy but really healthy for your blood :-)

second one Vita coco - drinking by a lot of celebrities,very refreshing clean coconut juice ( on the market you can buy three kinds of this drink : clen coconut, coconut with acai and pomergranate and coconut with pineapple. It's perfect during summer. This drink is so good for your beauty and young looking skin :-) So cheers !!!!!!!!!

środa, 13 kwietnia 2011

Beyond Belief ABH Pore Refining Clay Mask

Some weeks ago during making shopping I discovered this Beyond Belief ABH Pore Refining Clay Mask. This mask is really easy to use and it gave really good effect clean and fresh skin after when I used them :-)
You can order them using this site :


poniedziałek, 11 kwietnia 2011

Let's talk about models

Everyone of us has got her favourite models.Mine favourites are:
(from really long time my number one) polish model Magdalena Wrobel and stunning Caroline Trentini.
And who is yours favourite one?








After weekend

pictures from Kennth mobile phone :-)

Sorry for the short absence here but I had a very busy weekend. From Friday I hosted in my new flat my good friend Moni (I'm glad that finally we had some time for females talks) with whom I spent the whole Friday night :-) Yesterday we finished last at last pictures of the video clip Kenneth Benson, "For my wife. " The last place of shoots was a church where we shot the wedding scene. Again I played head of the mafia that disturbed wedding ceremony. This time, make up and hair art were had done by wonderful and amazing Helena Patel, who this time watch over for mine hair and make up and as well the rest of the cast. About some part of my outfit took care of wonderful costume designer-Toyin, who after shoots told me that she really like my look and she offered me to participate in the fashion show of her projects :-)
After shooting the last scenes me, Toyin -designer, model Preeti, Kenneth and our make-up artist Helena went to a nearby lovely restaurant where we ate together a delicious lunch. Unfortunetly again, I did not have my camera with me :-(

czwartek, 7 kwietnia 2011

Lanvin high heels

During checking my favourites fashion internet sites I have found this amazing high heels from Lanvin. For me they are absolutely awesome and invented with the fantasy.Shoes have a unique, architectural looks that I really like. And what do you think about them?

Vogue UK :-) three different covers !!!!!!

For the first time appeared to British Vogue with three different covers. The whole number is devoted primarily month event - the marriage of Prince William of Catherine Middleton. On the cover of April issue, we can admire Lara Stone, Natalia Vodianova and Freja Beha Erichsen. All pictures of cover are made ​​by Mario Testino.
For me the number one is cover with Freja and what's your favourite cover?