niedziela, 29 listopada 2009

it comes with the sunday rain

Hi all,

The weather here is miserable. it's raining all the time. I need some sun here. There is someone who can send me little bit of them?

By the way i was reading great article about lovely fashion teenager Tiva. i am absolutely craxy about her blog. She has own original style and she dosn't afraid to be herself. It's awesome :-) I was very impressed reading this all, really.

By the way I love as well jewelery staff made by Anna Shefield.

you can find her staff here:

I love especially her earings. They are awesome :-)

sobota, 28 listopada 2009

old pic

Hi all,

I am just checking my laptop staff and I have found this :-) I like to watch old pic and back to times when I was little girl. I want to share some of them with you.

Have a good weekend


Filip b-day

My friend Filip is celebrating today his birthday. I put this video special for him:
Happy birthday lobuzie ;-)

czwartek, 26 listopada 2009


Surfing in internet I discover nice sites with shoes. I like especially two pair of Jimmy Choo and you?

GHD staff

I love the GHD company. They have very good products. From some months I am using GHD iron to my hair. It's perfect. I am really glad from them. Lately I started to use Ghd protection spray to damaged hair before i start to ironing my hair and its' working :-D

piątek, 20 listopada 2009

cosmetic staff

on the airport i used ocassion and spare time to buy some nice cosmetics staff. I really recomend them. here we go;

first one

make up remove from Chanel. it's perfect. We tried them yesterday with my mummy.In very fast way it removes all make up from your face. I really recomend them.

and second one it's a nutri system cream from YSL. You feel that you skin stop to be dry so if you are looking something that make your skin more "wet" try this one :-)


home sweet home

Hi guys,

I haven't net in London cause something wrong was happend with my doggle and i hope that they will change them and I receive them back. I had terribile wednesday night , i aslep on my plane. I mean that instead at 00:30 I woke up 2 hours later and ... thanks God i have caught the taxi and i wasn't late. i have little time to buy caffe and some cosmetics for me.
This night I had more crazy not pleasent situations but thanks God all of them they will finish good so... at 10 am I was in Poznan airport from where my dad took me home. i love to be here. later i went to my hairdresser. i still have new braids that she made me :-D and later I met with my best friend Monika. We really need to talk each other.Thansk for her I'll be ocassion to see one of the movie that i really want to watch. Thanks you for this honey :-D
I want to thank you in special way as well taxi driver for alll nice words and support :-D


Ps today I was with my mum in cinema where we saw "fame: Great movie :-) and later we were in nice caffe shop.

niedziela, 15 listopada 2009

H&M Jimmy Choo

It was crazy day guys. I woke up at 5 and I went to H&M store here in LOndon. I waited 3 hours to buy some great staff. It was worth I get them :-D And I am absolutely fan of them :-) Hope that you also had a luck to get something from this collection. Now I am waiting for staff from Sonia Rykiel :-)

Take care

Zoe and Lee 10th Anniversary :-)

Yesterday I was in 10th anniversary of wedding day of my friends Zoe and Lee. It was really great party. Yummy food and great drinks, music and people. I had a lot of fun :-D
About me:
Dress H&M, tights Dorothy Perkins, shoes Marks and Spencer :-)

Mummy in London

Hi all,

I was so busy last days. I can say double busy. At first job and later all afternnon , evening and nights out with my sister, mummy and aunts, We had a lot of fun together and we spent nice time here. A lot of expression and feelings ther is inside me now.

Really was great. Mummy love you :-)

More on pic :-)

niedziela, 8 listopada 2009

mummy is not here :-(

Hi all,

It was not good weeend. On saturday my mummy should be here but her plane was canceled cause of weather so I didnt see her. I prepared everything for her and my auntie but well... She booked her tickets on thuesday so I'll see her on thuesday. Thansk God I still have holiday this day. I am worry about the rest days. Hope that will be ok.

Take care there.


środa, 4 listopada 2009

Ikea shopping

Hi yesterday after work I was with my sister in Ikea store. I love this shop :-D

this time we bought some christmas staff like balls and christmastree, pillows and some swedish food staff. I love epecialy berries from the jar andcheese ( delicious).

Today I'll see at least with my friend Soss. We sisn't see so long time so i can't wait to see her.

Take care there


Poppy organisation


Last days I joined to thousands people here in Uk who support poppy organisation. In this 2009 year this organisation is emphasising to need to help the Afghan genearation of the Armed Forces and their families.

If you want to know more and help I give you link:


poniedziałek, 2 listopada 2009

Halloween party


It was great weekend. On friday after work I made little shopping ( my fridge was completly empty so...) On saturday I started to prepare myself to Halloween party made by my friend Howy ( this evening he preferd changed his image and stay mr Joker ) I had fun all night there. And it was great to meet new people like Konstancja, Ollie , Jennifer, Amber and rest Laura's friends. I back home after 4 am but was worth. In this year I decided to be girl who commit suicided cutting herself. The results make-up staff you can admire on pic below.

On sunday I watched two movies first "get smart" and second "the figthening" . I like special the second one :-D