środa, 30 września 2009

New shoes

We have autumn now so it is great ocassion to buy new shoes for this sezon. I bought them when I was in the airport and I really love them :-D My foot as well :-)


poniedziałek, 28 września 2009

Welcome home :-)

Hi guys,
sorry that I didn't write so long but I was busy with packing myself and later I had a lot of meetings with family and friends here in Poland. Today I am back to London again but just 8 weeks and I'll be here in Poznan again. Yuuuuuhoooooo :-D I can't wait cause sometimes I am realy homesick person. Someone said everywhere is great but at home the best and i totally agree with this.
On wed I was with my mummy in the cinema when we saw together the movie "obssesed" with Beyonce Knowles. If you like thrilers I think that you can like this movie. On thuesday i visited my hairdresser. She is genius and she made my new great fashionable braids hair :-D I really love them. And later i had meeting with guys from Uni. We were in nice cafe at first and later we visit nice wine bar where one of our friend is working.It's great to spend time with friends and with glass of wine ;-)
Next day at first I visited my cosmetic , later I met with my friend Fiolip and we were to see new Tarantiono movie./ I love them :-D and evening I spent with my best friend. I love our talks :-)
On saturdayI saw my great friend fromm childchood. It was great to talk after so many years :-) Afternoon I spent with my parents . We went to Ikea restaurant to eat typical swedish dinner. i love this :-) And we made little shopping . I bought Gossip girl sezon on DVD. I really like this serial .Evening i spent time with group of my good friends together. Sunday was family day for me. i spent them with my parents. We were in lovely park and later we went to lovely cafe. The evening we spent at home talking and eating great fruit salad made by my mummy.
Tioday nothing special. I think that will be raining.
When I'll be in London I put some pic from meetings and my new hair as well.
Take care over there

niedziela, 20 września 2009

ill :-(

Hi all,

Weekend and I have to stay in bed. Yesterdau I couldn't speak. It was aweful. Really. Today I can but I still feel ill. BUUUUUU :-(

On wednesday I have flight to Poland. I can't wait. Take care over there.



poniedziałek, 14 września 2009

After weekend

Hi all,

It was carzy and buzy weekend for e. On friday I was in ITV studio . On saturday I had audition to musical . Later I went to Howy's b-day party. It was great. I was at home at 2 am . On sunday I was in BBC studio where i was gain active part of audience recording live program Bingo Lotto hosted by Ulrika Jonsson. I had alot of fun playing in bingo in TV studio.I put pic from fouer before recording and after at home :-)

Today my world is little sad but will be fine. I am sure.

sobota, 12 września 2009


Hi all,
I was so busy so sorry that I was not posting anything here, Yesterday I was in TV studio where I was again active part of public. This time we recorded in the centre of London. This show will be soon in ITV tv here in UK. It's very funny :-) and host is Vernon Kay - very funny guy :) I can't put any pic and tell more about them cause all people in studio have to keep all deatails about them for themselves. Today I am going to south part of London when I have audition to musical and later at 8 pm I will be b-day party at my friend Howy's house. It will be great day :-)

piątek, 4 września 2009


Hi all,
at least weekend is beginning :-) Yesterday I made big cosmetic shopping. I love Estee Lauder staff and they have now much better night reapair with new great formula so i bought them and eye cream as well. I received doing this nice gift from Estee Lauder. Some cosmetics bag plus some sample of Estee Lauder staff. This promotion is until 12th september. If you hvae ocassion go to House of Frazer and buy two of Estee Lauder staff and you receive the gift :-)
Tommorow I am going for party award show THE NATIONAL LOTTERY AWARDS 2009'.I can't wait. I am sure that will be great :-)

czwartek, 3 września 2009

Tuesday Lucie's small goodbye party


I had very lazy weekend. I watched alot of movies and i spent time with my friends.
On tuesday me, Mags , Kasia, Teresa, Cecile and Lucie and Lucie we met each other to official goodbye her. She is back to Czech Republic soon :-( I will be miss her...