niedziela, 27 czerwca 2010

Lazy lovely sunday with my mum

Today togethe with my mum we went to old town of my family city where we ate lovely dinner in one italain restaurant. I ordered delicious tortellini with tomato, cheese, thyme and mushroom. Yummmyyyyy :-)

b-day party

I am not so old how you think ;-)

with Agata and talented mr Jarek :-D

with Jacek, my Mo and Matti

Yesterday i celebrated my another b-day :-) I did it together with my friends in lovely art club. We had a lot of fun together. It was really great day. I want to thanks for all wishes ( i received them so so many), flowers, presents :-)

Mo, Jarek, Matti, Agata, Jacol, Leati, Kamila and Filip specail thanks for being with me during this special day
i promise to put my pic when I received connection betwen my camera and my comp :-)

all pic above I put thanks my Mo and Matti

on me:

white tunika - H&M from Garden collection

legging- Therapy

necklace- Apart

earings- Kruk

ring- Tiffany\shoes- jimmy choo for H&M


me - dress H&M, skoes Marks and Spencer :-)

Yesterday one of my friend was getting married. All ceremony took a place in Czerwonak near Poznan where together with my friends we were going using the cars. Cause my friend Lucja married fireman after ceremony was waiting for them specail show prepared by the jobfriends her husband. It was amazing 10 minutes show of water and sounds. I am sure that she was moved. Lucja and her new husband Tomek - wish you both good luck on your way of your life :-)

piątek, 25 czerwca 2010

Pedicure :-)

My new bikini and last part of Stieg Larsson Millenium saga

mye brand new nails ;-)

me inside before pedicure :-)

Today morning I went to visit mrs Agnieszka that made me pedicure and now my foot looks so good and fresh :-)
After I made small shopping - I bought last part of Stieg Larsson book from saga Millenium and new great bikini from Triumph that i am going to use this summer. I really like them .

Italia :'-(

Hi there,
Yesterday on the beginning i visited my awesome hairdresser Grazynka :-) She made that my hair look so great now :-) After I went to the city to meet with my friends with them together I watched lat game of my team Italy. It was very sad game. I still can't belive that this all game and score is the true :-( I was so so sad.
After game I met with my best friend Monika with them we went to the local pub and later together we went to Roti to eat delicious polish zapiekanka :-D
pic made by my best friend ever :-)

czwartek, 24 czerwca 2010

in Poland - day with my mum and "sex in the city2"

Yesterday I came back home :-) I am in Poland. Yesterday my mum picked me up from the airport and together we went home where I ate delicious cooked by her tomato soup :-) after we talked talked and talked and in the end of the day we went together to the cinema where we watching second part movie Sex in the city. It was so lovely day :-)

wtorek, 22 czerwca 2010

Packing myself

It is so late and I am still during packing myself before tommorows flight on holiday. I really hate it. Right now in my room on my carpet there are heaps of clothes and another staff that i have to pack to my suitcase. Hope that will be enough place for this. I bought some staff to my friends and family that proabobly will take a place in one of my two suitcases. Hope that soon I will be commpletly packed.

Take there and see you in Poland :-) ( hope that net at my home is working ;-) )



Forza Italia

I hadn't too much time to put something from weekend so I do it now. On Sunday together with my friends I was in Sport Cafe ( in London) where together we watching game Italy- New Zeland. I was so nervous watching them and after I was so disspointed the score , game etc. Hope that next game the Azzurri will play like Portugal team yesterday ( I was impresed).

Now I pu some pic from inside. Hope you like them.

piątek, 18 czerwca 2010

+J for Uniqlo


Last days I had ocassion ( during making shopping for my family and polish friends) to visit Uniqlo store. I wanted to buy nice grey dress designed by Jill Sander for Uniqlo ( all collection is marked by sign +J) but unfortunetly I didn't see them at all :-( Instead of this i bought great pale khaki long coat-jacket from +J collection ( It's so georgous) and black long t-shirt designed by Ag +Em ( Agyness Dean and her sister). I bought them cause is perfect match with my new Label.Lab leggings :-)

Private- I am still beetwen the football matches. Officialy I support Italy national team and can't wait next match on Sunday :-) Hope will they give all of themsleves :D

And on Wednesday finaly I am going on my holiday :-) Can't wait of it :-)

czwartek, 17 czerwca 2010

Clinique serum for your eyes

Yesterday after really bad day and after training I went with my sister to make some shopping before my holiday. We were in Harvey Nichols where ( like usually) i bought my favourite berry tea and by the way when I was in cosmetics part of this store I bought new roll on serum from Clinique company. This is awesome. You see the results after first using. Really good staff for every woman :-D

niedziela, 13 czerwca 2010


Some weeks ago when I was travelling using underground I have noticed absolutly georgous clogs on the feet one lady that was sitting opposite me. I absolutly like them. And what do you think about them?


Some days ago I visited HMV store where I bought great cd Radiohead. I love the climate of this cd. It's awesome :-D

Party at Sean house

Yesterday the afternoon I spent watching football games and after I was out to meet with my friend Tyron to go later together to his friend Sean who invited me and my sister for barbaque party connected with watching game Uk contra Usa. I was very suprised about result of this game :-O The party was great I had ocassion to meet great new people and hope will continue this next saturday :-)
If I'll get some pic from this party made by Tyron I will promise to share them with you :-)

czwartek, 10 czerwca 2010


It was great day for me yesterday, after work , i had english training and later with my friends we're going for bowling. We all had a lot fun trying to invent new ways of this game. After we all went to nice polish restaurant where we enjoyed typical polish food :-)

On me :
jeans- New Look
t-shirt- Uniqlo
earings- Yes


Hi there,

Last monday after work I was in House of Fraser to look around and just by accident I have discovered amazing clothes from LAb.LAbel comapny. I really like them :-) I bought great printed leggings and soon I think buy something else there again :-)

poniedziałek, 7 czerwca 2010

Name Day

Today is special day for my mum - her Name DAy :-) I want to wish her all the best. Rest wishes she will receive on the card :-)
Have a good day

Elle and Vogue

It was crazy weekend. Finally we have nice weather here in London. So on friday I was out with my friend , on saturday I was sleeping and reasting and on Sunday I was out on the marjet where I was helping my friend that husband has opened own company Hometreasue :-) If you want to try delicious polish food try to catch them and you''ll be in seven heaven :-)

By the way you can buy now new Elle with Kirsten Stewart on the cover and new Vogue with Cameron Diaz now.

Take care there