sobota, 26 lutego 2011


Today finally I have found while for some shopping. I bought one nice t-shirt for summer :D I love this punk rock and roll style of them :-) and as well I bought corrector Estee Lauder. My sister is using them in regular way so I know how it working.
Today as well finally I collected the pack with Micheal Kors shine leg staff. Tomorrow I will be have first occasion to try them during morning photo shoots :-)
I can't wait to see results :-)
Have a good weekend :-)


piątek, 25 lutego 2011

Red eyes?

Some of fashion designer decided to choose the red eye shadow for this season. Personally I really like that idea and I have one red eye shadow MAC comany among my beauty staff.For myself inspiration was one of Japanese movies "Chinjeolhan geumjassi" ( polish title Pani Zemsta) where the main female role used this colour for her eyes. And what do you think about this trend?

czwartek, 24 lutego 2011

some photo shoots

I just want to share with you some another pictures from last photo shoots made by amazing Nagib :D with I hope I will be working again this summer during this time outside photo shoots :D

Fashion Week NY

I have just check what's going on during fashion week in New York city :-)
Among all most important catwalk collection I have chosen this all that I like the most. What do you think about them?

Amazing and very interesting red dress label by Irina Shabayeva

little grunge style label by Rebecca Minkoff

Fresh and blue style Nicole Miller

Sensual, sexy and very woman style label by Prabal Gurung

original and very interesting dress just perfect for me label by Tommy Hilfiger

I always have a weakness to dresses Hervé Léger :-) this Time HL by Max Azria

H&M spring/summer 2011

During this S/S season to group of model of H&M company will joining Gisele Bundchen
Shje is face new lovely, romantic boho H&M collection. I can't wait to try on clothes from his collection.I really like this boho play suit below :-)

wtorek, 22 lutego 2011


I really like this outfit of Karolina Kurkova. The beige and brown clothes are my big weakness and what do you think about them?

Micheal Kors classic leg shine

Classic leg shine :-)

Anja Rubik for DKNY with classic leg shine on her legs

I heard about this special cosmetic many times and finally I will be have a chance to try it on my own legs :-) Classic leg shine from Micheal Kors is using almost in every runaways during all big fashion shows and thanks for them models legs look so perfect. Most of models use them as well during photo shoots. One of the models who can chance to try them on her legs was Anja Rubik and effect you can see looking her legs in the commercial new fragrance of DKNY.
I tell you more about results of them when I get them and when I will try them.
Take care over there :-)

Magda's b-day

Today my the best in the world sister celebrates her b-day. Madziu I want to wish you all your dreams will come true. Love you so so so much and I am happy that we can be together today :-) KISSES AND HUGES Lovely :-)

Magda today

Magda many many years ago :-)

poniedziałek, 21 lutego 2011

Saturday with friends

Picture taken from my friends facebook album ( honey ty for sharing them, miss you)

On Saturday after some hours spending on the casting to one project ( now I can tell you too much about this) finally I had ocassion to meet with my friends Anke ( she was just 4 days in London and it waslast ocassion to see her) , Moni and Mags.At first we went to Vapiano to eat some fresh italain food and later we went to the pub near Portalnd street. We had a lot of time together. Girls was so great to be with you this evening :-)


Today during small cosmetic shopping I have found new packaging one of my favourite hair shampoo OSMO company. I really love products from this company. They are not so expensive and they give you awesome results :-)


Ps Saturday's casting went well and this Saturday will be the last and final part of this casting. Just fingers crossed :-)

piątek, 18 lutego 2011

Busy busy busy

Hi guys,
I know I have another break with writting again but I was quite busy last days. Yesterday I spent most day with amazing photographer making shoots to his new pboto album project. We made together more than 1000 pictures !!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was really crazy but awesome experience for me. And the most important thing my picture has a big achnce to be on the cover his photo album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish me luck guys :-) I ams o excited about this. Tommorow I will go to east London where I have acsting on the cover of CD. I am so excited about this one too cause I never in my life did it staff like that. Fingers cross :D i am so excited cause my friend Anke is in London now and fianlly we'll see each other tommorow. I'll be back here after weekend. I promise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend :-)


I just want to share with you some of thousands pictures made yesterday to artistic photo book project sent via mail by photographer today:-) Hope you like them :-)

this pictures are called by photographer "Angel"


On 19th of February 1982 was born one of the most amazing swedish girls on the world Anna Nordell present Anna Engh ( Anorah). Honey, in this special day I want to wish you all the best. Rest wishes from my heart you will find in the b-day card that I sent. Have perfect day sunshine :-D Hope see you soon PUSS OCH KRAM

środa, 16 lutego 2011

Label Lab

Just checking internet site of House of Farser I discovered this pretty dress from Label Lab company. In my wardrobe I have another clothes of this label and I really like them.
What do you think about them?

Label Lab Lucie long line

wtorek, 15 lutego 2011

Make-up close up pictures

make up made by Helena Patel

I just want to share with you some close up pictures of make up made by Helena Patel :-) She was working on them almost two hours and this is final effect :D

On the set video clip Kenneth's Benson " For my wife"

Like I wrote one post earlier I had very busy weekend.Most of Sunday I spent on the set to video clip Kenneth Benson "For my wife". Almost everyone from the crew ( cause of the traffics) was late so we start to do all things little later than we should. On the beginning I spent almost two hours with amazing artist make up Erika Thomas and Helena Patel who made unbelievable colorful make up to all of us. During this time with director of this video clip Brian Skeet we made backstage video like some shorts interviews, back stage make up etc. During the shoots I had a lot of fun with all people from crew especially with Jamie with them I danced together near the kitchen :-)On this video clip I played one of the four girls who is dancing and flirting with person played by Kenneth.All video was made in lovely restaurant where inside was very, very romantic cave.
I have honoured to work with talented crew , two others amazing models ( Jamie and Jade), talented belly dancer, signer Kenneth Benson :-D ( he was all the time very nice to all of us), make up girls who all the time kept eye on our look and if we need they always made our make up perfect :-). Thank you all of you for this wonderful day :-)

Unfortunately I could use flesh of my camera so the pictures that I made have very bad quality but anyway I just want to share them with you.

Now I can't wait to see final effects of this :D

With lovely model Jamie Hawkins :-) beetwen the shoots

Jade in the action :-)

Jade resting between the shoots

With models Jamie and Jade between the shoots :-)

some small part of make up staff

With Jamie and our wonderful make up artist Erika after shoots

Dylan's Bar Mitzwah

During a game :-)

with my sister and Sorrel and Vikki behind) :-)

with the girls
I am so sorry that again I made short break with my blogg but so many things happend... But I am back :-) On Sunday evening I was hounour to be one of the guests attending to BAr Mitzwah party of son ( Dylan) my best London friend Sorrel. It was brilliant night. Great food, music , drinks and people. I am so happy that i could be part of this. Dylan one more time congratulations. Sorrel one more time thank you for inviting me . You always makes that I can feel special :-D thank you so much for all.
Above some pictures from the party.

piątek, 11 lutego 2011

Mummy's b-day :-)

The most wonderful woman in my life celebrated yesterday her another b-day.
Mummy I want to wish you all the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy b-day !!! I love you so so so so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rest of personal and private wishes you get via post Office :-)

Broken laptop

Hi there,
Sorry for my last few days break but so many things was happend. At first ( i think important one) my computer is broken and now I have to wait about two weeks to have them again. My hard disc is completly broken and I need new one. One amazing guy decided to help me with this and here I would like to send him big big Thank you for this.Another amzing man decided to give me and my sister his old laptop so thanks for him I can be online again. As well to him I am sending big big thank you too :-)
From last day I am looking around for new place to live.I dream to change my actual place for something new in the same area. Fingerss crossed for that. I hope finding some new place very quick. CAuse of luck of internet I lost casting to be a model for Pure company :-( Hope to have another similar chance soon again.
Now I can't wait weekend son of my best UK friend will be have Bar Miztwa this weekend and I feel very honour to be part of this special for him day :-)
More from my world after Sunday :-)
Have a good weekend :-)
puss puss

BTW Marie good luck tommorow in Gothenburg. I am sure you'll be brilliant like always :-)
Ps I just get a call that I will making videoclip Sunday afternoon :-D So excited :-)

poniedziałek, 7 lutego 2011

Shoots with Mac

Today morning I had to get up at 7 am. After making my daily morning staff ( breakfast, washing, make up etc) i caught underground and I went to the Harrow & Wealdstone station where in one small studio i had photo shoots today made by Mac.
Results you can see below: