czwartek, 28 stycznia 2010

shu Uemura and blue powder

Yesterday I was in hairdresser salon to buy something extra to my hair. This time I bought great silk oil camellia from Shu Uemura. This product is really really good. Especially for persons who everyday use from heat staff to hair.

Later in the evening I watched great and touching movie Blue Powder. It's about searching love, hope. Some great stories that in one moment joined each other. I recomend.

wtorek, 26 stycznia 2010

shopping and meeting with Soss

Hi all,
Yesterday I visited House of Fraser and I bought great skin leggings from Therapy on sale. It was really good price for them :-) so i am so happy from my little "haunting" :-)
I bought as well great self tanner from Prescriptives company ( i have allergy for sun and i wanted to change my perfect pale image) and nail polish with amazing colour that I was looking for from long time from London nail inc. Soon I put pic :-)
I am still beetwen two lovely and funny canaries of my boss :-) They can be so crazy and funny :-)
Today I can't wait going out wth my friends ecpecialy Soss . We didn't meet so long time.
Have a good evening

sobota, 23 stycznia 2010

from popstar to operstar program

Yesterday I was in London studio when we recording live program from Popstar to operstar. I had alot of fun doing this. All staff was so helpfull and nice for us. I felt honest to listen this all people ( Vanessa , Kym March, Mcfly and rest ) signing famous aria songs. I had really nice evening and hope that you too.

piątek, 22 stycznia 2010

letter from Japan

Today when I came back home I have found in mailbox letter from my friend Rieko. Inside I have found two lovely cards and small gift. I love them. I love real letters and cards and always i am trying to send them as well.
Today will be long day. After first I am going to the London studio recording program for ITV TV . I am sure that will be fine.

środa, 20 stycznia 2010

BBC and milkshake :-)


On thuesday i was with my parents in milkshake bar in my area. It was nice to go outside somewhere and enjoy delicious ferrero roche milk schake. Yesterday I was busy. All evening I spent in BBC studio where I recorded program "Mock of the week". Soon you can show new edition on Tv. It's very funny so I am sure that you like them.

poniedziałek, 18 stycznia 2010

Sarastro and Ice Bar in London


I had wonderfull weekend. My parents are here from saturday and we went yesterday to Sarestro restaurant when I ate deliciou sasagues with potatoes and onion. Yummmy :-)

Later we were in the War museum. And in the end we were in Ice Bar in London. It was awesome experience for me. It was not daily thing to drink from glass made from real ice.Hope that you also havd great weekend.


piątek, 15 stycznia 2010

Agent Provocateur and Twilight


Today after work I went to one of my favourite shops - Agent Provocateur store where i bought lovely string :-) I have finished now as well to read the second book in Twilight cykle. I love it. Now I can't wait to start to read these two last parts of them.

Yesterday I received new from my best high school friend Aga - she told me that she is pregnant :-) I am so happy for her. That's all from my word now. Take care

środa, 13 stycznia 2010

Vogue february 2010

Here it is :-) Now from last week you can buy in stores new Vogue. This time on the cover you can see Natalia Vodianova. Inside you can find more intresting photo session of her. This number conatins as well trendy for spring and summer 2010. You can find a lot of great propositions.


After work I decided to make small shopping in the centre. I looked to one of my favourite shop Gap where i bough pair of lovely stripe pants :-)
I can't wait sunday and visit in lovely Sarastro restaurant and later evening visit in Ice bar :-)

poniedziałek, 11 stycznia 2010



From time to time i try to discover new great tastes and this time I reached for innocent smoothie. So delicious .....

Shoes :-)


I am totally fell in love with these two .

First fabolous from Valentino and second amazing from Bally :-)

sobota, 2 stycznia 2010

Vogue january 2010

I want to recomend this new number of english edition of this magazine. Inside you can found awesome photo session of Laura Stone and a lot of intresting articles. Nice reading :-)

New Year's Eve

Hi all,
It was great night despite the fact that some things was happend in another way that i thought that they will be. Together with friend and my sister we were on the beginning in Soho hotel when we made toast and later we went to the london's street. It was awesome celebrate this New Year Eve with another people :D
Later i put ( promise )some pictures from this event.


Welcome in 2010

Welcome in the year 2010 :-)
It's the best oment to write about last year 2009. It was good year for me. I had ocassion to performanced in some Tv program for english channels and in on of them to be polish girl. It was really fun and exciting for me.
I had ocassion to travel little bit and visit English Riviera, Sweden and Spain that year.
I was in some great parties including halloween party at Howy's house, Theatre Awards , Military Awards and more.
I had ocassion to meet new great people like Sebastien, Bruny and much much more.
I had ocassion to meet in Stokholm sunny Anorah nd rest of swedish girls with them I spent wonderful time.
Now I am ready for 2010 and i am very exciting what this New YEar will bring to me :-)
Take care