poniedziałek, 31 maja 2010

Vogues, vitage , and friday night

Hi all, It was great weekend. On friday I visited some of great vintage stores that I really like. In one of them I bought about ten kilo old Vogues :-) that I took home with me ( it wasn't easy he he) and later I spent loveli evening with my job mates.
On holiday bank monday I booked my hotel to septembers Cagliari holiday and started to watch first season True Blood :-) Great :-)

take care there

sobota, 29 maja 2010

Soss B-day

On Thuersday my best UK friend had a b-day and of this ocassion me and some of my friends attend for really nice b-day dinner together in lovely italian restaurant Prezzo. We spent lovely time together.


PIC made by Soss during dinner

środa, 26 maja 2010

Mother's Day

Today in Poalnd we celebrate specail day - MOTHER'S DAy. I am so sad that I can't spent this day with my the best mum in the world. I love her so so so much. Using from this my private space MUMMY I WANT TO WISH YOU ALL THE BEST .YOU ARE THE BEST MUM IN THE WORLD. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL LOVE, SUPPORT THAT YOU GAVE ME AND STILL GIVE ME EVERY SINGLE DAY. THANK YOU FOR ALL GOOD ADVICES. I MISS YOU SO SO MUCH. LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chanel number 505 and go out with Soss

About cosmetic staff I would like to reccomend you new limited polishnails Chanel number 505. I am sure that you love them. This caffe brown colour will be some part of me this summer ;-)
I can't wait evening cause today I'll meet with my best british friend Soss. We didn't see from ages so I miss her so much. Sha has b-day 2mmorow and I prepared for her something special :-) Hope taht she like it.


Hi, last Wednesday I was in fashion show party at GAP where using special 25% discount I bought some nice staff for myself that I promissed to share with you. Here we go :-)

sobota, 22 maja 2010

FAshion party at GAP

Hi all,

On wednesday I had great ocassion to be in great fashion party at GAP in Oxford street. I saw new summer collecion for GAP. I enjoyed awesome drinks, sanwiches and a great choices of snacks. Yummmy :-) I received lovely gift bag and sopecial aacount 25% for all clothes from new collection. It was great evening :-)
I used from ocassion and I bought some lovely staff. Later I share with you my shoppings :-)

środa, 19 maja 2010

weekend in Stokholm

Hi all,

It was great , lovely weekend. I spent them in wonderfull Stokholm. On saturday the weather inside the city was awesome. Almost 25 oC . Real summer :-) I couldn't belive in this. I had ocassion to see the same places that I visited before when I was there.This time I showed them my parents they were there with me. I saw also some new places. I was very exciting watching paitings in Modern Museum. I saw there my paitnings painted by my favourite painter Salvadore Dali. It was really hard on sunday back home but I had to... Hope you had great weekend as well.


czwartek, 13 maja 2010

Ray Ban and Stockholm

Hi all,

Yesterday I bought my dreaming sunglasses Ray Ban. I really want to have them and finally I have :-)

Yesterday I was as well in Harvey Nichols near Hyde Park 9 love his store) where i bought delicious berry tea :-)

Today I am packing myself cause tommorow I will fly to Sweden. Can't wait :-)

huges and have a good weekend all there

piątek, 7 maja 2010

Shopping and snacks


Yesterday I was in the city to buy some extra swedish corons ( next friday I am flying to Sweden :-) ) and by the case I "steped" to some stores. In one of them Uniqlo I have found amazing Vogoue t-shirt in the colour that I really like now so couldn't stop myself and I bought them. This t-shirt is inspired by the vintage Vogue coves from Conde Nast Archive in NY.

Later I weent to Marks and Spencer food where I bought yummy chocolate corflakes bite :-)

wtorek, 4 maja 2010

Race for life


It was great weekend for me. On saturday at first I was a victim start to big race for life - this is special event sacrifice people they are fighting with a cancer. Later I was in tv studio where we recorded special program hosted by Melanie Griffin connected with this race. I was victm touching histories telling by people they were fighting with cancer. I cried a lot of time in this studio ( not only me).

And later I met with my friends Howy, Laura, Coni thanks for them I met new people this evening.

Rest of long wekend I spent watching movies :-)

Hope taht you had good weekend as well.