piątek, 28 stycznia 2011

Ellin Kling For H&M

This time company H&M will present soon in stores new collection designed by one of the most swedish bloggers Ellin Kling that is as well main modell of this collection.Premiere of them will be held in Sweden 3th of February :-) Hope it will be any chance to get them in another countries as well. Particulary I like this flowrs dress. All collection you can see here:

Hope you like them :-)

środa, 26 stycznia 2011

Beauty staff for hair

Some days ago I presented some beauty staff for face that I am using right now. This time I would like to present collection hair cosmetics using by me. I have straight, thin hair and my goal is to make them volume.

My shampoo Rice and Wheat Volumizing shampoo ( I love it) Maybe not so cheap but worth of its price ( about 17 pounds)

aussie aussome volume conditioner (nice smell, good quality, good price about 3 pounds !!!! )

GHD Thermal Protector for weak and damaged hair ( really good staff if you are using hair iron) ypu can buy them here:

Shu Uemura Silk Oil Camellia smoothing fluid ( really good product !!!! price 22 pounds)

I love this mask from OSMO company (btw I really reccomend shampoo and conditioners of this comapny too) They gave really good effects, you can feel that after using and the price is not so high about 7 pounds each product !!!!!!!!!
Osmo eesence Intensive deep repair mask

for much volume:
Realhair style volume plumper ( you can find them in Harvey Nichols - price - 17 pounds) I met this product during one of Elle events and I love it. You put them just after washing on you wet hair and you blow dry you hair :-) After you'll see the effects - much more volume hair.

and the last one Vitamin Protection Spray Toni&Guy Model.Me Helena Christensen

and you can get them here
And now you can tell me about your hair beauty staff. If you can recommend me something to make my hair much more volume it will be great
Yours Karo

Patrick Mohr is shocking again

Patrick Mohr is achocking us again. This time during Berlin Fashion Week designer glue together with the tape the mouths of his models. The effect of the bellowing:

poniedziałek, 24 stycznia 2011


Hi all,
Today I want to presented you beauty staff that I am using every day:
in the morning I am reach for Intensive bio concept from ESPA company - it's perfect for stessed and dull skin. After using you start to feel how it working :-)
you can buy them here:

another thing that in my beauty staff is Advanced night repair and advanced night repair eye both from Estee Lauder. I am using them every day ( morning and night). My skin after this is in much better condition. I really reccomend this cosmetics. They are worth of their price :D

Every time that my eyes are look dull and I have circles under my eyes I am using Clinique serum eyes. This cosmetic has a great shape so it's so easy to cover them in your bag.After using you feel how your eyes bring to the life

About the cream right now I am using the cream Hydrafresh Loreal company.

Another staff I can't live without them is zel arnikowy made by Floss lek company. It's very usefull when you are over not sleep well night. It helps to cover all black shadows under your eyes :-)

sobota, 22 stycznia 2011

Shoots presentation :-)

Today morning I was in my agency to collect and see pictures from last shoots. From Monday officially I will start to work for my agency. My agent saw these all pictures and she is glad from them and she said that someone is intrested to take me to the new catalog for S/S seazon :-D Fingers crossed for that.
Now I can just share some pictures from this shoots. I haven't any backstage pictures cause ( ha ha ) I forget to take my camera with me.

piątek, 21 stycznia 2011

Weekend's plans

Finally we have a weekend. Tommorow it will be quite busy day for me. In the morning I am going to my agency to see pictures from last photo shoots, later 2 hours break at home and after I will go to The Bar where I will be working for three hours. At 6 pm I should be at home and after I start to prepare myself to Saturda going out with my girls :-) Wish you all of you good weekend :-)
puss puss

Ps Right now I am really crazy about one swedish writter - Liza Marklund !!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you like Stieg Larsson books you like her books as well.

USA VOGUE february 2011

This time on the cover we will find lovely Kirsten Steward :-)I love her shoots made by one of my favourite photographers - Mario Testino. Now we can as well enjoy short backstage movie from the shoots. Nice watching :-)

more pic you can find here

H&M like Lulu Guinness

Swedish company H&M will present special for Valentine's Day nice bag in the shape of mouth. Only one problem is that H&M used in this project famous mouth idea bags made by Lulu Guinness. What do you think about this?

czwartek, 20 stycznia 2011

Brazilian Blowout

One of my favourite bloggers Marie Serneholt meant and showed her on her blogg results og Brazilian Blowout. On the pcitures it looks amzing and now I wonder that is woth to make them if you have straight hair and how long the effect of this keep on your hair?If someone help me to get answer for my questions I will be greatfull.
If someone wants to try this on your own hair in London I put the link to the place that you can make it :
the prices are from 129 pounds


small pic of the studio ( view from the street)
Yesterday I was in central London where I had photo shoots in one of the photo studios. I had great time working with nice and amazing photographer Salvatore who made me this day more than 100 pictures !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw just some of them and the they look so good !!!!!!! I see effects of this shoots in the end of this week and I will promise to share with you the results of them as soon as can be :-)
After the shoots I was in the city where I dropped to McDonald for Happy meal menu :-) ( without toy of course ;-) )

puss puss

LOVE spring 2011 :-)

This time Katie Grand shocked us one more time putting on the cover of Love magazine Kate Moss kissing transsexual model Lee T. Under the photography put the words " This is hardcore" More inside the "Love" magazine.Enjoy the reading :-)

wtorek, 18 stycznia 2011

Marie Serneholt Elle Gala 2011

I just put two pic amazing Marie Serneholt. I lve this outfit, hair and make up of her :-) Hope you too.
More pic here:

Spring in H&M Sweet Intentions

H&M presented new spring collection. In my opinion this collection is very sweet, romantic and full of fresh young air. It makes that you are back to life :-)
Soon you can buy them in your local H&M


Yesterday I had to get up early and go to the agency. Despite the rainy bad weather I was there on time and I signed my contract, They took all my measures and we talked little bit about tommorow's shoots. I am so excited about them.
Later I made some shopping ( to fill my empty fridege) and I watched some movies like"the Social Network" and "the Toursit". Today I have day off. Just relax :-)

Golden Globen 2011

i regret that I couldn't watch this ceremony Sunday night but I had to get up so early on Monday and look fresh :-( Yesterday I just checking all dresses wore by women attented on this gala and I have found my number one. I love this lovely simple dress wore by Emma Stone.She looked incredibile in themm :-)

sobota, 15 stycznia 2011


Yesterday I was in the Worldwide Modeling Destinations, Ltd agency and next week on Monday I am going there again to sign my contract with them. I am so excited about this :-D On Wednesday I will be have my first photo shoots with them The pictures will make for me one italian photographer and results of them I'll be can see in the end of the week. If it will be possibile of course I share the effects of them with you.
Have a good weekend :-)
puss puss

Kasia Struss for Versace

Checking some fashion internet sites I couldn't resist this amazing white, blue and red dress presented on Kasia Struss from new pre-fall Versace collection. This dress is from one site so innocent and from another sexy. I really dream to have them in my wardrobe...

Lara Stone in the amazing commercial for CK

This time you can see Lara Stone for new awesome and amazing comercial CK that was directed by Fabien Baron in California.
Below you can see 30 second version of this commercial. Do you like them?

Iceberg and Chloe for Malgosia Bela

One of my favourite polish models Malgosia Bela will be face of Iceberg and Chloe. Despite the age 33 years Malgosia doesn't want to stop as a model so we can ocassion to admire her in this two brands for S/S 11 collection :-)

Sale - Calvin Klein

Hi everyone,
On Wednesday before I vist o2 store I was in Calvin Klein store where thre is big sale right now. You can buy most of things cheaper from 50% to 70% !!!!! The Calvin Klein store is talking place in London very close to ST Paul station ( central line) and it's inside new big shopping centre. It's really easy to find them :-)
I bought for myself just this sweet lovely pants :-)

wtorek, 4 stycznia 2011

what a shoes !!!????

I am big fan of shoes and searching some new trends I have found this amazing and original pair of shoes made by Taylor Says.What do you think about them?

Sunday in Kultowa

the Kultowa inside :-)

Me & Mags & Jarek :-)
On Sunday after crazy night with my friends I met with my sister our friend Jarek and together we went in the pub Kultowa. It was really nice evening and finaly I was at home after 2 am. It was really good night :D

sobota, 1 stycznia 2011

Welcome in 2011

me and the girls

Hi all,
I had great night tonight. New Year's Eve I spent in close party in the city for where my friend invited me and my sister. I know just her but anyway I had great night and I met there new great people. At midnight we went outside to make a toast and make a wishes and watch fireworks.
Happy New Year everyone :-)