środa, 15 kwietnia 2009

Easter time, Museums and trip to Windsor :-)

Hi everybody,

This Easter was very special for me cause it was first Easter in my whole life that I spent in foreign coutry, far away from my Poland where Easter are celebrated in special and particular way. Thanks God i had here my family here. My sister is living in the same city where I so it was not problem and my dad and mum decided to go to us and sped this time with us. Hurrray!!!!! :-)

I regret only that we hadn't luck to weather cause for most part of time it was raining here :-(

First days we spent visiting some particular London's areas such Richmond, Canary Wharf, Forest Hill etc. During this short trips we visited some great museums such a Museum of Childchood ( where I had really great) and Horniman Museum & Gardens where I could see pretty aquarium with amazing corals, fishes etc.

On monday we decided to go to Windsor to see royal family castle where i could have ocassion to see alot od royal rooms and amazing house doll :-)

I hope that you had great Easter as well

take care



niedziela, 5 kwietnia 2009

Friday night :-)

Hi all,

I love fridays night and this moment during week when the weekend starts... I think that I am not the only one. Yesterday with my friends and sister I was in two nice clubs near Wanstead area. I had fun there :-)



czwartek, 2 kwietnia 2009

English Riviera

Hi everyone,

I am back from English Riviera. I was there with my dad and Mags and we all together had a lot of fun there. This trip was great and full of positive vibrations :-) First day ( I mean friday) I saw little bit part of Dartington. It's very lovely place especially if you want to rest from screams of big city like London for example :-)

Next days I spent to visit another lovely places like Torquay, Bayway, Cockington, Tottnes, Paignton. I really liked bay in Torbay. It is really amazing. I had as well ocassion to see in Torquay nice victorian museum. Everything there was connecting with this period of history. I saw also awesome japanese garden and a lot of old and very lovely houses built in special style hundred years ago. I hope that I'll receive another chance to see this area one more time this summer cause there is a lot of things there that I want to see there

Take care there