czwartek, 29 kwietnia 2010

Beauty day :-)

Today I decided to use some part of my very precious time to making my private home spa :-)At first I have put on my face dead sea mud mask with a lot of minerals that always makes that my face looks so great. After I washed my head in my new shampoo and i have put special hair mask from natural plankton recomend by my awesome private hairdesser Grazynka :-)

This is pic that how I looked with them :-)

John Frieda New products

Some days ago I bought new shampoo and conditioner John Frieda. This new cosmetics are awesome and their fresh scent is perfect for uncomming summer. Paris - London - New York wherever you are try it !

poniedziałek, 26 kwietnia 2010

Aga K in London

Yesterday I had amazing ocassion to meet my best high school friend Aga. We didn't see long long time. I miss her so much so it was really great to see each other. She is pregnant now and she told me that it will be baby boy :-D I am so so happy for her :-)
On pic me and Aga :-)
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thorpe park

On saturday we had beautiful weather here in London :-) Together with my job mates we were in Thorpe Park where we had a rides on many rollecoasters. I wasn't brave enough to try the most scariest one named "THe saw ride" But any way I had fantastic day there :-)

piątek, 23 kwietnia 2010

Weekend :-D

It will be great weekend. Tommorow I am going with my job mates to Thorpark. I am sure taht will be fun. I'll take my camera with me so you will be can see some pic from there and on sunday I'll meet with my best high school friend Aga. I can't wait this cause we didn't see each other 3 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I misss her so much.
Have a good weekend too.

środa, 21 kwietnia 2010

I had great last few days. My friends from Poland were here in Uk and we spent a lot of time together. I hope that they had fun here. Now they are on the way to Poland. Yesterday one of them told me that they are in Germany now.
esterday after work I was going to House of Fraser where i bought make up base from Estee Lauder ( my number one - it's really really good). And at home I made special spa japanese mask. After my face face was so so fresh :-)

niedziela, 18 kwietnia 2010

"Alice in wonderland" party

Yesterday one of my friends was organised great party where main topic was "Alice in Wonderland" . All guest must be disguised in somebody from the movie. It was brillinat . It was alot of crazy staff like tea jars with the info "Drink me" and you had no idea what was inside. All people drunk everything from tea cups. I was disguised in one of card aces.
Soon I put apic from this event :-) Hope that you had good saturday as well


Yesterday I was with my friends in the city and I showed them one of the most popular shopping centre Harrods. We visited a lot of halls inside. And we bought delicious tiramiu in food hall and I bought for myself mango tea :-) Love this taste.
ASAP I'll put some pic from that day :-)

czwartek, 15 kwietnia 2010

Regent's park

Today I was with my friends in Camden and later we were in Regent's Park where we enjoyed nice weather to walk. Our day we are finished in Milk shake bar where we drunk snickers VIP milkshake ( love them) :-)

Notting Hill and London Eye

Today on the beginning I was with my friends in Notting Hill. Later we decided to buyy the tickets for London Eye ( it was my first time that I was there :-) ) I mean inside of course he he.

Meanwhile we were in Oxford street where we make some shopping and went to one bristish pub. And in the end we were inside the LOndon Eye. The view is amazing :-)

Monday - London Dungous and bus restaurant


Today after work I was with my friends in one of the most scarriest place in London where they had ocassion to know bloody history of London. They had a lot of fun :-) Later we were in lovely bus restaurant where i enjoyed my hot chocolate with cinnamon :-). Yummmyyy :-)

Aga and Jacek are in London - weekend


Last friday my two close friends from Poland were coming to visit me here in London :-)

I was so happy :-).

On saturday we visit Westminster, Big Ben, Soho, Covent Garden, museums, Canary Wharf the Royal Palace and a lot of places in the zone 1 here.

We had nice weather. Perfect to walk :-)

Just only one thing made us sad - on saturday we lost our president and members of goverment during cras plane. It was very very sad day for Poland. Real tragedy.

some pic :-) me , Aga and JAcek in Covent Garden :-) and second me and JAcek in Soho bar :-)

wtorek, 6 kwietnia 2010

Easter time and great book written by Stieg Larsson

Hi all, I had very calm Easter time in this year. I still remember that last during this year I visited Windsor with my parents :-) It was great time. It will be great to use this time and go somewhere to visit new place but I stayed here in London. Yesterday I watched pictures from blog Marie Serneholt that she spent this period of time in lovely French riviera :-) Lucky girl and I hope that she had a lot of fun and sun there ( more you can see and raed in her blog wheree she put a lot of amazing pictures)

Last days I spent as well raeding awesome book written by Stieg Larsson - original swedish title is "Man som hattar kvinnor". It's awesome -one of the best that I raed last time. I really recommend :-) I am sure that you like them.

And in the end I put the pic easter table prepared by my lovely mum :-)