poniedziałek, 29 sierpnia 2011

red carpet 'Schizophrenia and Me and Me' Premiere and Wrap Party

me and Howy on the red carpet :-)

me and my lovely sister on red carpet :-)

me and Laura on red carpet :-)

Howy & Laura . I am so proud of you guys !!!

Here we are :-) Official pictures from 'Schizophrenia and Me and Me' Premiere and Wrap Party > Hope you like them :-)
puss puss

niedziela, 28 sierpnia 2011

‎'Schizophrenia and Me and Me' premiere in London

after party :D

me on after party premiere :-)

posters :D

Laura, Howy and rest cast on stage after premiere :-)

On Thuersday thanks for I AM AN ACTOR company I had a honor to attend on london's premiere movie ‎'Schizophrenia and Me and Me' directed by my friend Howy Bratherton. I really enjoyed watching the, Howy and Laura I am really proud of you guys :-)
ASAP i promise to share official pictures from this event with you :-)
Now just some pictures from my camera :-)

Karaoke night

On Wednesday before my mum flight we went to Valentine's to be part of karaoke night. My mum using from ocassion that I was signing she had grabbed the camera and made this funny pic of me on the stage :-)

Kew Gardens

new flatmate :D

floers shopping

babmoo forest :)

Magda and her favourite plants :-)

like in Italy or Spain ;-)

was little scary to be up :-)

japanese part :-)

me ( bag wearhouse, shirt Pimko, trousers Marc Jacobs

me and Mags

hot hot hot


Last Sunday together with my family we used nice sunny say and we went to Kew Gardens :-)
I want to share with you some pic from this day :-)

my new glasses

Together with my mum we made girly day and we decided to go to Nothing Hill where we both visited my favourite vintage stores there. This time I bought old special edition Spain Vouge and lovely old school glasses from Cameo :-)
I really like them :-)

shopping :-) New Look

my new shirt :-)

Finally I have found a time to put some pic from last days :-)
Week ago my lovely parents were with me in London. On Saturday we went despite really rainy weather to the city where in New Look I have found some nice shirts. I decided to buy one of them :-)

sobota, 27 sierpnia 2011

chanel fall 2011

I really like new Chanel limited collection Fall 2011. Amazing , full of brown colours eyes shadows and this unique colours of their nail polishes :-)
What's your opinion about them?

niedziela, 21 sierpnia 2011


Hi guys,
I am so sorry that I didn't write since long long time but since some days my mum and dad are here so I spent most time far away from my laptop.
I promise very very soon put more post with new clothes, places and news.
Today I spent lovely day in place called Kew Garden. I saw so many amazing plants from whole world and in the end my parents bought one of them to my and my sister flat :-)
see you very very soon


sobota, 13 sierpnia 2011

London Fashion Weekend 2011 :-)

I am so excited. This year finally I got two passes for London Fashion Weekend it will take place on September this year.And all event will take place in Somerset House. I am so so excited about this events :-)

H&M Fall 2011 Campaign featuring Erin Heatherton

This time swedish label H&M presented for us a lot of really nice dresses special for night. I am sure that everyone of you can find something special :-)


niedziela, 7 sierpnia 2011

Elle September 2011

In this month we can admire on the cover Elle Uk version magazine pretty Kirsten Dunst. More about her you can find inside the magazine. Extra buying september number you get special nail polish ( you can get three different colours of them.
Extra if you fill some details on Catwalk By Tigi site you get for free some hair cosmetics to test :-)

czwartek, 4 sierpnia 2011

Pilates and stretching

Since three weeks I am trying to work on my stretching and I want to introduce you today my new " good friends"

First one stretching dvd with amazing dancer Sande Urquhart

second one pilates with Brooke Siler who trained celebrities like Madonna or Kirsten Dunst

wtorek, 2 sierpnia 2011

Good news

I have just received mail with information about the premiere of movie that I played couple weeks ago. The official London's premiere will be have place in London 19th of November. I am so excited :)