piątek, 31 grudnia 2010

Happy New Year 2011

my year 2010 in pictures

I want to wish you Happy New Year 2011 to all of you
puss puss

This is the perfect moment to talk about old Year 2010 . What it brought to me etc. It was special year in my life ( month by month description):
On January I had ocassion to be special guest in the program From pop to opera star program that we make live for UK TV. Martin thank you so much for this possibility.
I was as well in BBC studio and it was first ocassion to my parents to see how this all Tv programs making looking from inside.
First time I had ocassion to be in Ice Bar and it was great experience for me.
On February my close friend Popi with her friend were here so we had ocassion to spend some time together.I was part of Fashion week that I celebrate in one really nice London's club.And i had ocassion to get some staff from Sonia Rykiel collection for H&M.
On March I had ahonour to take part in Fashion Elle Party with catlwalk in Harvey Nichols. I was in Poland where I had great time with my family and friends. I went to Stockholm ( love this city) it was my first time being there during the winter and I had ocassion to see the Swedish version of Grease musical with amazing Marie Serneholt that I had ocassion to know closer backstage after the show. She is so lovely , open, warm and wonderfull person.BTW Marie good luck with Melodien Festivalen next year :-) I am sure you'll be the best.
On April my best high school friend was in London so we had ocassion to meet together and thanks for her I met her friend - awesome person Claudio. Together with friend we were in Thorpe Park.And I spent wonderfull time with my polsih friends Ag and Jacek that visited me in London.
On Mai I celebrate my best UK friend's b-day :-)I was in Fsahion GAP party :-)Togerher with my parents I was in Stockhom again.I had great ocassion to show them this pretty city.I got my Ray Ban glasses. I took part in recording touching program Race for life in O2 arena.
On June I spent great time with bowling with the girls. I support Italia team during World Cup Championschip. I went to Poland where I celebrate my b-day with my friends and where I took part in Wedding Day of my friend Lucja.
On Jule I made for ITV live program !Tunes festival where I had oacssion to meet some new people.My swdish friend Anna Engh became mum and she gave thos world her lovely daughter Zelda :-)I celebrate Laura's b-day :-)Where I met new great people like Kristina :-)
On August I watched great play where my friend Howy performanced :-) My best high school friend became a mum and world can see her son Sebastian :-)
And my best friend UNi friend hetting marry :-)
On September I was in touch with talented Alison Brady that she was intrested to have me as her model. I really love her work so it will be honour to work with her in the future.On October I spent amazing holiday in Sardegnia :-)Later thanks for invitation from Elle magazine I took part in Autumn Beauty Event .I was in Ping Pong with amzing Marie. I went to Bath :-) where I had ocassion to know closer this lovely town.
On Novemer together with my parents we visited Tower, backstage Shakespeare's Globe and we were together on Christmas Market in Hyde Park.I took party in hunger charity chalange TWin Peak Chalange. I met new friend Iza.
I had amzing Halloween party.
And finally on December I took part in East London Design Show, i decided to leave my daily job and in the end I went to Poland where I still I am :-)

It was really good year for me. I met so many great new people fromdifferent part of the world. I took part in gtreat TV recordings such a From Postar to Operastar,
! tunes Festival and many more. I took part in great fashion and design event. I made some great trips, I was many times in Poland, I was twice in amazing Stokholm, I was in Sardegnia. Hope that next Year will be full of new great trips as well. I had ocassion to meet personaly amazing, lovely Marie Serneholt face to face. My good friend Anna and Agnieszka became a mum and world can admire their cute children now.
My other friends getting marry and one of them is pregnant now. Hope that New Year will be special for me. This time I am not going to make any promisses and just wait what New Year 2011 will bring to me and my close.


wtorek, 28 grudnia 2010

Ola Kuligowska for Telva

This is the one of the girls who took part in the polish version program Top Model. This all pic of her made by Marcin Tyszka.
Do you like them?

Michel Houellebecq

My amazing sister gave me as christmas present two books written by Michel Houellebecq> I really like this writer especially after the book The Elementary Particles. If you like read especially brave, shocking books about reality you don't miss this one.


Today I went to the cinema where this time I watched the movie "Buried". OMG is so scary for me cause of my phobia. Anyway it is a very good movie for everyone who likes good thriller movies.

H&M new collection :-)

This time in January you can find so great simple clothes. Long dresses with nice staff on them and camel coat amazing for Spring :-D I am sure taht you love them

Going out with Laeti and Mags

Today I was going out with my sister and our friend Aga. We were in old part of my family city where we spent nice time drinking nice drinks in one old fashioned placed around. Later we went to the cinema where we watch new nice comedy with Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller :-)

Christmas time

x-tmas staff in my bathroom

raindeer :D

snowman on front door


x-tmas candles

My Christmas tree at home in Poland

My christmas tree in London

Hi all,
Finaly I had not canceled the flight from Gatwick to Cracow and finaly yesterday evening I was with my famly at home where I celebrated Christmas :-)
I put some pictures :D

piątek, 24 grudnia 2010

Sad :-(

I am so so sad today. I spent a lot of long hours on the airport yesterday and finally they canceled my flight to Berlin. The nearest chance to catch home flight is Sunday morning. Wish me luck.I dream to be with my family cause I did not spend with them Christmas since I am moved to London. Wish me luck.


niedziela, 19 grudnia 2010

Crusssh christmas party 2010

Hi all,
Today I was resting after yesterday's Christmas party. It was brilliant. Me and my job friends get the title the best store-bar of the year in our company. My amnager get the award the best manager. We celebrated until morning :-)

have a good weekend

on me
dress H&M
shoes Linea
earings YES
necklace YES

piątek, 17 grudnia 2010

new great silver braclet Alexis Bittar

I just have found this one in one of the fashion forum. It's so pretty and so great for the winter. It's perfect for the winter parties . You can buty them on this site:
Nordstrom.com. This brnaclet called Mystic Winter is made by very good quality of silver and Svarovski crystals. Do you like them?

After recording MMC Launch

some of the bands taking part in this event :-)

one of the band Apples :D They were good, specail one song

Me and my sister during break between records

Sorry I was not writting last days but I aws too busy and tired to do it. On Wednesday i was in the centre of London where I attempted to MMC Launch Party where 10 new bands were playing concerts. Me and some other people where hire by SRO to be part of the audience crowd. Anyway I had a lot of fun but after this all I was really tired.
Yesterday I was in Inn Beauty where finally I ahd wax underarm so now they look so great :-)before today's Crussh Christmas Party. I am just sharing with you some pic from last records studio :-)

środa, 15 grudnia 2010

YSL Everlong Mascara Waterproof

Yesterday ( my old masacra is almost finished) I was looking around looking for new one . This time my choice is :YSL Everlong Mascara Waterproof
Today I tried them first time and I reccomend :-) It's great :-)

'MMC LAUNCH PARTY' record studio

Today in the evening I will go to studio in Great Portland street to record program 'MMC LAUNCH PARTY'. I am sure it will be a lot of fun. I will be have ocassion to listen performances from 9 unique artists, covering an exciting mixture of musical genres. So I am sure it will be good and a lot of fun evening. Hope to be back home until midnight cause tommorow my alarm clock wake me up at 4:30.

czwartek, 9 grudnia 2010

Tribute to Alexander McQueen

It's amzing video. You have to watch this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amazing tribiute to one of the most talented designer in the universe made by Nick Knigt

Gisele Bundchen for Vogue

This time on the cover of December Vogoue Italia you can admire pretty Gisele Bundchen. I really love cover pic. She looks amazing on them. All pictures this time made one of the most popular photographer in the world Steven Maisel :-)

środa, 8 grudnia 2010

Kate Moss for Italia Vogue

This time we can adire Kate Moss as a really sexy brunette with strong make up in style 60'. She is wearing on herself clothes deisigned on the Spring/ Summer 2011. I hope taht you like them :-)