czwartek, 29 września 2011

vip charity party

Yesterday I had honour to be one of three female models who helped gathering money for charity helping suffered firemen during making their amaing and brave job. I had acces to be in all VIP areas, backstage etc. We three had own dressing room with bottles nice chapmagne and fruits.It was so good to be part of this and helping in this great purpose :-)

poniedziałek, 26 września 2011

Dark&Melancholic fashion photo shoots

Today I just get some pictures from my last shoots and I can share them with you :-) Hope you like them:-)

model : me ( Carolyna A)
photogpher: Alex Lobo
make up:Robyn Skinner
hair:Robyn Skinner
stylist:Nikitina Yanina

London Fashion Week, catwalk :-) part 2

program :-)

Catwalk was amazing. I would like to share some pic that I made :-)

niedziela, 25 września 2011

London Fashion Week part one

goodie bag :-)

me :D

before everything will start...

shopping area :-)

I had so great today.I had honour to be part of this years London Fashion Week.At first together with my sister we made a tour around the stores where you can buy a lot of new A/W collection with special discount and after we just go to pick up our goodie bags. If you are curious what was inside you can discover on the picture :-)

on me:
shoes : Linea
dress : H&M
jacket : Burrbery
earings : Apart

sobota, 24 września 2011

Catwalk Legair

Yesterday I had honour to be one of the model for amazing USA designer Arthlene Legair :D Together with others models we had three enters. I presented two skirt and jacket pieces and one amazing long green red carpet dress. The most expensive dress on this show was worth 10 000$ :D As soon as I will be have chance to get pictures from this catwalk I promise to share them with you.
On the begining pictures from backstage - another models :-)

piątek, 23 września 2011

Fashion show

Already awake. Tonight another busy day connected with the event below :-)More later. Now I have to go :D

czwartek, 22 września 2011

Busy, busy , busy

Lasy two days I slept only 7 hours. I was so busy with my jobs. Yesterday I had amazing night fashion shoots and chance to worked with great make up artist, photographer and stylist. Shoots on blog soon . I promise :-)
Today I had casting to video clip and I am in :-) We start to make them in the end of this year so fingers cross. Tommorow another busy day. More deatails tommorow.

above me after night shoots :-)

wtorek, 20 września 2011

Special for you

Special for readers of my blog link to full video clip to the song Kenneth Benson that I am playing boss of mafia :-)
Enjoy watching them :
puss puss

niedziela, 18 września 2011

Revlon Professional - Equave 2 Phase Volumizing Shampoo

Some days ago I bought in one of my favourite hair cosmetics shops Revlon Professional - Equave 2 Phase Volumizing Shampoo.
The producent label contains this informations :The frequent use, anti static and ultra light formula cleanses hair with the most gentleness. Hydrolysed keratin gives strength, body and volume. Wheat proteins and panthenol soften hair without weighing it down :-)
My opinion: this shampoo has really nice scent, it's light and makes that your hair looks more volume :-)

piątek, 16 września 2011

photo shoots for Kitty Creme

Hi all,
Today morning alraedy I received my last shoots for londons latex designer Kitty Creme. It was great to work with her, another model Steffi B, amazing photographer and make up artist.
Now I just want to share effects of our work :
designer :
Kitty Creme
me ( Carolyna A)
and Steffi B
make up :
Amy Sophie B

środa, 14 września 2011


today I had quite busy day. In the morning at my job and all afternoon I spent next to famous London's Oxford Street on the casting to being model for London's Fashion Week. I get quite notes for catwalk and posing :-) minus is my height cause I am little shorter than catwalk models but they told me they If I will be choose for this fashion show I will be push to wear very very high hills and should be fine :-) Now fingers cross. Tommorow I should get pictures from last photo shoots of course I promise to share them with you and cover special for you designer of them :-)
best regards

piątek, 9 września 2011

Catwalk by Tigi

Today afternoon I got a big pack from my postman. I was little suprised cause during last days I didn't order anything. In the pack I have found complete of cosmetics for hair. I was one of 100 lucky people who thanks for Elle won full version volume hair cosmetics Catwalk by Tigi using by models on the catwalk :D

Hurrray :-)

Huuuuurrrrayyyy :-) Finaly I've got the tickets for London Fashion Weekend :-)I am looking forward to be there :-)

puss puss

Paperself eyelashes

my eye with new fake eyelashes :-)

Yesterday I had a chance to try splendid eyelashes from Paperself company. Thy offer diiferent size and shapes of them. Yesterday I choosen the butterfly motive and my eyes looked amazing with them :-)
More information about Paperself products you can find here:$ja=kw:paperself+eye+lashes|cgn:PaperSelf+%7c%7c+Eyelashes|cgid:1838224460|tsid:10986|cn:NB+%7c%7c+S+%7c%7c+Man+%7c%7c+Manf+%7c%7c+Accessories|cid:62786660|lid:24897325580|mt:Broad|nw:search|crid:7062094100&gclid=CNqt9L_lkKsCFeomtAodHFNRvQ

Vogue London's Fashion Night Out

Yesterday I spent whole day in the city where together with other people I celebrated Vogue London's Fashion Night Out. I had great evening. In Harvey Nichols I enjoyed nice drink and great free make up lashes :-) In H&M I get free goodie bag :-) In every store you waited for you some kinds of attraction: dj with great live music, great really nice drinks ( different kinds), discounts for clothes :-)

niedziela, 4 września 2011

Graffitti shoots

make up :-)

after shoots back home :-)

Today I had to get up early and from early hours I was working in close Waterloo station where together with another lovely model Steffi we had amaing photo shoots. The weather was great so I didn't have to be freezing wth this clothes that we had to wear designed special for this photo shoots :-)
Very soon I promise to hare with you effects from this shoots.
yours K