niedziela, 31 maja 2009

Things that I like

Hi all again,

Couple days ago my myspace friend Marie Serneholt prepared the list of things that she likes. I decided to do it here the same. And this is the results:
SHOES: Black shoes from KG
SNEAKERS: white from Adidas
JEANS: navy blue C-in-C
T-SHIRT: two first white I love NY and second white designed by Stella Mccartney special for The red nose charity auction
UNDERWEAR: white bra from H&M
BAG: now black from House of Fraser, second one black and white from Wittchen
SUNGLASSES: hmmmm.... I have to buy some pair :-)
WATCH: just mobile and !pod :-)
JEWELERY: silver butterfly from Tiffany and silver earings from Kruk
TV: Sony
Mp3: !pod
COMPUTER: silver laptop from
FACE AND MAKE -UP: Estee Lauder, Vichy , Loreal, Soraya, Chanel
DEODERANT: vichy ( love them)
TOOTHPASTE: blend a med
SHAMPOO / Conditioner: Toni and Guy
SOAP : I haven't favourite
PERFUME: Kenzo and now I like also summer version from CK
MINERAL WATER: Żywiec, Evian and Perrier
Wine : white
BREAD : polish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Food: italian food and fruit salads :)
ICE CREAM : sorbet
BAD:my private in polish apartament :-)
HAIRDRESSER: Grażyna Szczecińska-Stachowiak
EVERY DAY: breakfast and net :-)
MAGAZINE: In Style, Glamour and Film :-)

And that's all for now.
Tommorow wait for me vist at my cosmetic and later lovely meeting with parents in Malta Gallery :-)

Take care

After weekend

Hi guys,

It was very busy weekend for me. On friday I was in Gniezno where I visit my lovely goddaughter , her sister, brother and mum :-) I was going there by train that I left in last moment.Really, when I was reading In Style magazine and listening music from my !pod suddenly I have noticed that this train is stopped and that we are in Gniezno. I had a lot of luck that I noticed this :-)

Later I met with my friends and together we were going to one artistic place here where my friend and great photographer invited me. We had a lot of laugh there. And i had ocassion to see some great things made by this all talented people there.

On saturday I made some shopping. And by the way I bought swedish book cause I am going to learn this language. by the way I never supposed that it will be so hard. Thanks God I am very stubborn person so... I am not going to give up :-D

On friday I received inew that my friend Anorah ( Anna Nordell) will getting married. I ma so happy for her and I can't wait to see with her on july. I am sure that we'll be have fun in Stokholm :-) By the way Anna I wish you all the best on new way of your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I spent time with my grandma and later with my friend where I had ocassion to try sex on the beach ( really I've never drunk them before). :-)

pic : on the right : Malwina, Mikołaj and Martynka
on the left : my lovely Malwi alone :-)

czwartek, 28 maja 2009

welcome in the RAIN


some pic from today. I regret that is still raining here. Come on...What's wrong with this weather. I was with Monika in one lovely cafe "Cafe Betty" here. I miss for this hot chocolate and special delicious latte :-)

Tommorow I am going to Gniezno visit my sweety goddaughter Malwi her sister and brother :-) and later I ma going to art club " Inner" where I spend time with my friend great photographer Jarek :-) and some anothers friends from here...
Soon I'll write more

one with Monika another just me :-)


Blogging again :-)

Hi all,
Yesterday i had great day. On the beginning I was in Multikino with my friend Filip and we watched togetrher "30 Days of night". Later we visit one lovely pub where we spent rest of day talking etc.Later my friend Aga joined to us and we watched the final Champions League.
Today I'll see with my best best friend Monika. i can't wait this cause we didn't see long time. I really miss her and our meetings, talks etc
We always have fun so... Later I put some pic from our meeting.

Take care
butterfly Caro

wtorek, 26 maja 2009

sunny day, hairdresser and Vicky Christina Barcelona

Hi again :-)

The weather here today is amazing. Almost 30oC. Summer is coming :-D

Now I am after a visit at my hairdresser. I've received my hair back Hurrray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grazynka ( my hairdresser) is amazing. She can make miracles ( with hair of course). So now my hair looks good and never again I will not decided to faint them myself. I've received lesson and I am not going to forget about them.
Here at least I have found time to read whole script to the movie "still waters run deep". It's original and intresting in my opinion.
I visited also my lovely mum ( today here we celebrate Mother's Day) and I gave her lovely big cream rose. Little present she received yesterday :) We are going to spend this special evening together and we decided to go to the cinema to see a movie "Vicky, Christina, Barcelona". I am sure that we'll be have fun together this night :-)

take care



in Poland

Hi everyone,

I am back. I am in Poland !!!!!!! Yuuuhooooo :-D
I spent this day in the airports. But at least I am here in my family city Poznań :-) On the beginning I'll plan visit my hairdresser ( at least ) :-D
I decided to spend this evening with my mum and dad :-) We were talking together. i ate delicious dinner made by my mum ( polish pyzy and chicken soup - yammmmyyyy)
take care
//happy Karo

sobota, 23 maja 2009

blogging in rush

Hi all, this week was and still is very crazy for me. On monday I am flying to Poland. Of course I can't wait this. A lot of meetings with friends etc. Will be great. On thuesday I had one audition to Talent Show here in London and later I spent great time with my friends in restaurant Prezzo where they have great food. Yummmyyyy. On wednesday I made little cosmetics shopping. I bought some staff from Chanel and Estee Lauder. Love them and by the way lovely make up stylist made Charlie make me wonderful make up this day. Now I am going to rest my weekend. Tommorow little chocolate schake maybe :-)take care kisses//karo

środa, 20 maja 2009


Hi everyone, It was crazy day for me. In the morning I was at work after I had audition to one talent show here in London and in the evening I spent with friends having fun together in one nice restaurant Prezzo where we ate really yeammmy food :-) hug//karolina

niedziela, 17 maja 2009

Eurovision 2009

Hi all,

Last night I spent watching Eurovision song 2009. My favourite song was song singinig by Estonia.I think that there was a lot og good songs in this year and really hard was to say who should win :-)

Today I am going just relax...

Have agood weekend there