środa, 25 maja 2011

whitening facial essence mask from purederm

I just want to reccomend all of you this essence mask. It's very easy to use and after 30 minutes you start to feel the first results of them :-)

Black-Red-White shoots

Today I just want to share with you as well some pictures from BRW shoots :-)
Hope you like them:D

Paintball and movie Love& Money

Hi all,
I am sorry that I didn't write nothing from longer time. I was between my jobs and my private cases.
Last Sunday with my sister and some guys we wre in Epping forest to play in paintball. It was first time for me and it was quite funny but as well painfull experience for me.
On Monday I spent all day on the movie set, this time it was one bar where we filming three scenes whole day. In this movie I played waitress and the premiere will in Autumn.
Hope you all guys are well


wtorek, 17 maja 2011


Yesterday my lovely sister just cook this one when I was working :-)
She just used onion, cheese, pasta, some herbs, broccoli and we get ready yummmmmmmy baked broccoli pasta :-)

some beauty things

Last days ago I discovered these two things : first one is anti wrinkles gel patches. I just started to try thm so about the results using them I can tell you more after one month. On the beginning you have to use them at leats three times a week , later just two. Price for pack is 2.99 £ ( about 13 zlotych)

Secind thing is Aloe Vera drink. It's really good if you want keep your skin fresh and younger for longer :D

Schizophrenia and Me and Me

I just want to share good news with you. Some days ago my friends had a chance to go to Film Cannes Festival where in the Cannes Short Film Corner was presented their short movie "Schizophrenia and Me and Me " . I wish them good luck with this
movie :-)

here official trailer and poster :-)

wtorek, 10 maja 2011

last shoots to video clip

Yesterday I spent the afternoon and evening in Greenwich Park where the whole crew filmed the last pictures of the video clip Kennha Benson. I worked on this video for more than three months, so it was a little sad to me that these were the last pictures, but on the other hand I'm glad that soon I will have a chance to watch the whole video clip.
During filming on the set of the place had a funny situation. Two kids (boy and girl) asked for my autograph and take a photograph with them. It was for me very, very funny. On the set had the opportunity (as if I had no idea before) know one of the most influential African film producers. When we went to the other photos in the Asian restaurant offering direct I ate a delicious risotto with sweet and sour sauce. On the way home in one of the coaches DLR I managed to do the above photo :-) view outside the window was amazing :-)

poniedziałek, 9 maja 2011

busy busy weekend

Make and hair made by Erika Thomas
picture made by Neil Cordell
location London

just small preview yesterday's photo shoots ( promise put more whjen they will be ready)

Hi there,
I was so busy this weekend. I slept only 6 hours diring this time so when I back yesterday after shoots home about 7 pm only thing that I wanted to do was go to sleep. I spent all Saturday ( from 11 am to 2 am ) working in the bar and yesterday from early morning hours to 5 pm I was in studio where together with wonderful people I made fashion photo shoots titled Red- Black-White. I had hounour again working with Erika Thomas ( she made my stunning hair and make up ), Neil Cordell ( photographer) and Mgada ( my sister, who was another model hired to this shoots). It was so great to work with my sister during so great shoots that we made.

czwartek, 5 maja 2011

some shoots from the set

after shoots

me in action

me and my bodyguard :-)

director during the action

ready??? Action !!!!

with designer Toyin - realax beetwen the shoots

Kenneth's angels ;-)

Kenneth, me, Samantha and other model :-)

camera guys :-)
I want to share with you some more shoots from the last set :-)

"Betty blue eyes" musical in Novello Theatre in London

Today evening I will go with my sister to the Novello Theatre when we will be have a chance to watch musical Betty Blue Eyes.I am sure that we'll be enjoying watching them.
This is link to the official site about this musical :-)


Stockholm Fashion Week mi lajki runway show at berns mercedes-benz

Today I want to present some special collection from Stockholm Fashion Week prepared by mi lajki. this is her runway show at berns mercedes-benz fashion week. I absolutely love it :-)

Mulberry Autumn/Winter 2011

Here we go :-) Some of my favourites pieces new Mulberry collection :-)
Do you like them?

środa, 4 maja 2011

Just nu ;-)

Today I got another call from Kenneth and ( ha ha) they want to make one last scene with me and Kenneth. This time whole action will be taking place inside the car with private driver and I will be have longer scene after that I will be have to kick up Kenneth from the car. I think it will be crazy. The shoots will take place on Sunday 15th :-)Nearest days will be for me quite busy with new photo shoots :-)
Now slowly slowly I am going to sleep.Good night everyone :-)

niedziela, 1 maja 2011

On the set again

girls during make up in Finsbury Park

my make up ( made by Ellie)

Last Tuesday Kenneth Benson called me and asked me to one more time make wedding scene to his new video clip, but this time in another location. I had to get up early and I went this morning to Finsbury PArk where with other models and crew we make ( hope) last scenes to new Kenneth Benson video clip "To my wife".
Now I am at home waiting for my friends with them we are going to make the movie watching evening. I hope that you had good weekend too.
Promise to put some pictures as soon as possibile from that day.