sobota, 31 grudnia 2011

Happy New Year 2012

This is my last post in this year. I hope we'll see you all in my blog in next year. I want to wish you all of you the best ever Year 2012. I hjope that this New Year will bring you so many new excting things. Have a great New Year's Eve night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kisses and huges

yours Karolina

Year 2011 reflections

Like every year in this last year I am thinking about all things that happend during a year that we have to say goodbye.
This year was very particular from me. From one side I had achance to make so many great things: a lot of photoshoots with great people,three video clips,three movies.I was part two big fashion shows and it was amazing experience for me.I made my first tv commercial. As well I was part two movie premiere that was very exciting.It was good year for all this things that I always wanted to do and I get the chance to do. I had a chance to know new country Portugal - where I spent very lovely holiday. My best uni friend became a mum. I had a chance to spend lovely time with my friends. From other side was difficult year for me cause since couple of months I had to and still have to fight with my illness.
I hope that next year will be much better and will bring all of us great new things. Like last year I promised myself not making any New Year's resolutions and just wait one this New Year 2012 will brink to me.
kisses and huges for all my readers

czwartek, 29 grudnia 2011

McQ jeans :-)

Today in the morning I had a casting to art photo book. I talked with photographer about his very very interesting ideas but unfortunetly I can't tell more about this project until book will be in the book shops. anyway it will be great to be part of this shoots.
After casting and meeting I had time to visit my favourite vintage and clothes stores in Notting Hill :-) This time after almost 3 hours I have found perfect jeans for myself.It was great price ocassion so I bought them and now in my wardrobe I have my first own pair of jeans from Alexander McQueen :-)

środa, 28 grudnia 2011

Friends christmas meeting

stupid faces :-)
with my best friend Monika
with my best friend Monika - with our presents :-)
Despite the fact that I was in Poland just for a couple of days I have found time to go out with my friends and talk, talk and one more talk :-)
On me :
dress - Mango
earings - Apart
necklace- YES
shoes- Uggs

Christmas Eve

my canary Hugo was looking for a rest of christmas dinner :-)

mix of my Christmants presents :-)
My lovely mum and dad :-)

Christmas presents :-)
Christmas Eve table decorations before the food was on the table :-)

This year finally first time since I moved out to London. I spent in my family city Poznan with my closest family - it means with my parents and my sister and of course as well with our canary Hugo :-) The second day I spent with my mum's part of family. It was great ocassion to see my uncle, aund, grandma and my cousins :-) I had lovely , family time with them.

Shopping answer :-)

Like I promised in my last post in this post you can find the answer for a question what I bought in Galeria Malta for myself.
At first I visited the jewelery shop Apart where I have found lovely braclete from FunFun collection. I watched this collection ( face of this collection is polish model Anja Rubik)in the midlle of this year and since this moment I planned to buy some

piece of them for myself so I did :-) I have choosen red bracelete with lovely silver butterfly in the middle . I hope you like them.
Later I visited the shop Sephora where I bought eye stick Fatigue Eraser ( price 39 zloty)I was looking for something that can help me cover morning bruises under my eyes.About this stick I really recomend them - after using you feel nice cold feeling that can help you wake you up. And about the bruises - they are more invisibile than they were before :-)