środa, 30 marca 2011

biotherm 1st signs of aging

Some days ago my daily cream has finished and this time I decided to reach for something new that I have never used before - cream from biotherm company 1st signs of aging.( Biotherm Age Fitness power 2)
I just started using them some days ago and I want to really recommend this cream for all young ladies after age 25. After using my skin was much more soft and nice in touch. Extra plus is really nice smell of this cream.


Hugo Boss hoodie

When I just saw this hoodie on photo shoots of Marie Serneholt for Bubbleroom magazine ( more pictures you can find on Marie's blogg http://marie.elle.se/ )I absolutely felt in love with this hoodie. Now i am trying to find places, sites where I can buy them. If you can help me please leave some informations under the post :-)
thank you

Marie wears Hugo Boss hoodie :D

Kasia Struss for Numéro Homme

This time one of the most famous polsih models Kasia Struss apperead in photo shoots titled "Androgyny Guard" in magazine Numero Homme. In opinion some people polish model presents male type of beauty with them in personal way I can't agree and what do you think about this ?

classic Versace :-)

This time Donatella Versace to promotion her new colection for Spring 2011 used the model Abbey Lee Kershaw. Her innocent face and blond suits perfect to be new face of Versace collection :-)

poniedziałek, 28 marca 2011

Video clip "For my wife" Kenneth Benson one of the last shoots

Yesterday I had a very good. Only one problem were my eyes; with them I have a problems since two days and it was extra job for my amazing make up and hair artist Erica Thomas who had to improve my make up from time to time cause of my "crying eyes" :-(
Afternoon I spent in Finsbury Park where for 2 hours I was listening music of Drake Johnston ( amazing voice!!!!!!!!!!!)who special for me played the song KOL "Use Somebody".When he made the breaks between the songs we were talking little bit.He was so nice and he gave me as well his cd with some of his songs.
Late afternoon I spent in Zubi bar where I made one of the last scene to the videoclip Kenneth Benson. This time I get amazing ocassion to use my acting skills cause i get the role foreign lady who wants the diamonds. My dialogues were as well in polish and in english so in the last effect was funny for me cause nobody on the set didn't speak polish. I had a lot of fun making this part of video even if we had to repeat some of these scenes thousands times. It was worth to do it. In the breaks beetwen the videos I had as well some photo shoots with my MUA and Hair Artist Erika Thomas who all the time took care about my look. Thanks for her I look so so good this day. Erika from this place I want to send you special thank you cause you made that first time during yesterday I felt pretty. Love you sweety and hope work with you soon again. as as i get the pictures from yesterday I promise to share them with you :-) Unfortunetly I didn't take my camera with me so I haven't any backstage pic from yesterday to share with you guys :-(
Hope taht all of you have great Sunday too :-)

yours Carolyna

sobota, 26 marca 2011

New trend - kimono

From time to time we can see them on catwalk. Kimonos is traditional Japanese style clothes. In this seazon a lot of designers use this very popular in Japan stule clothing to their own colections. Effects? Just find them on the pictures :-)

Soho bar :-)

On Thuersday I came back to London and now I have to wait three months for next holiday :(
Tonight I was with my sister and our friend Moni in Soho bar ( one of my top places in London) where we just talked and enjoyed our drinks. Later we decided to go for short walk and made special for Moni some pictures together. It was really lovely evening :-)

Pictiure taken from Moni's facebook :-)

wtorek, 22 marca 2011

welcome in Poznan

Hi there,
Since Saturday i am in Poland now. On Saturday evening I met a lot of my friends. We decided to gather together and just talk. It was a lot of lot and memories. On Sunday together with my parents I went to the cinema to watch new movie with Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman " Sex story". It's a lovely romanctic comedy - very good for Sunday evening :-) On Monday in the morning I visited my cosmetic ( on the beginning this year she moved her studio :-) New addres is Studio Angel ul. Kraszewskiego 24. I reccomend her all of you living in Poznan. She is very good, professional person with them I always have great time during all pedicures and cosmetics staff that she is always when I am in Poznan she is making for me. This time was exactly the same ( nice green tea with rose, professional care ).
After I went to the city for small shopping. Last time when I was in Poalnd I was crazy about one pair of earings from Apart and this time finally I bought them. Promise to show them as soon as I will be in London again where I left my digital camera cable. Later I had the visit at my hairdresser and in the end I met with my best friend Monika. I missed her so so much. Today the bff talks will be second part ;-)
Btw yesterday I get proposition to again appear on the videoclip so per 90% this Sunday I will be have a chance to be on the set again :-) Fingerss crossed :-)

best regards

czwartek, 17 marca 2011


Just one day left :-) I just started to packing myself before my short holiday in Poland.I can't wait. I hope it will be not raining...
I will be back soon :-) I promise.

BTW I will take apart in compatition of http://ilovvevogue.wordpress.com/

take care over there :-)

środa, 16 marca 2011

swimsuit bikini shoot to relive the winter blues part 3

this time i put some shoots made by Sam Chronicle
make up Ca$hka

part 2

shoots made by Blind

amazing shoot made my McDawg
make up Ca$hka

me in swimsuit bikini shoot to relive the winter blues

Last Sunday half day I spent like I wrote before with 9 amazing photographers, MUA and another model Corrina Andreea in the studio where we made a shoots "Swimsuit bikini shoot to relive the winter blues". I had a great time and I want to share some pictures made by different photographer with you :-) Today on the beginning I put some pic made by David and Rosie :-)

made by David Kittos

made by Rosie
make up Ca$hka

Juliane Moore for Talbots

This time in new model role we can admire actress Juliane Moore. And I really love this choice :-)


poniedziałek, 14 marca 2011

Swimwear shoots, Tyron's b-day, Popi :-)

I had crazy Sunday day. I had to wake up early, later two hours(it's normal cause usually during the weekends in London underground transport is not working like during working days) took me to get to the studio in the city where I had swimwear fashion shoots. I worked with 9 photographers, amazing , helpful MUA and another model but we didn't even have time to talk each other. After shoots I went to the b-day party one of my friends ( Tyrone :) ) and after in the evening I met my lovely greek friend Popi ( Today she has important interview so fingers cross for her)and together with her, my sister, and another friends we went to the Soho :-)
Asap I will put some pictures from this day :-)


I am so sad about this all things that took a place in Japan last days.I ahve thress japanese friends and i was really worry about them. I tried to contact with them and thanks God they all and their families are safe. It'sso sad that some part of this pretty country is destroyed. i am with this people all my heart.

czwartek, 10 marca 2011

Polish fashion designer Karolina Zmarlak 2011

Some propositions straight from runaway from new collection designed by Karolina Zmarlak.
It's quite simple, modern, with the pieces of Asian culture. I really like them and you?


Before a moment I had to change my post cause about 20 minutes ago I still was not sure that I get this bedroom flat or not. But 5 minutes ago my sister just called me telling me that we get them. Finally I will be living alone not in the sharing house. I am so so happy and I want to share this joy with you all :-)
Next week then will be full of packing and packing ( I hate this all packing staff but this time) Now I will be living in the bedroom flat ( it's quite expensive here in London unfortunetlly) near big park and garden in very nice area :-) i am so so happy. Before me crazy working weekend - some bar staff work ( saturday we have in the bar that I am working karaoke night) and on Sunday swimwear photo shoots in of the amazing studios in London and later together with my friends are going to b-day party one of my friend .

Take care there :-)
puss puss

wtorek, 8 marca 2011

Gareth Pugh

Last days I was busy with trying to find new place to live. An fingers cross I think that I have found this new one :-) If yes next weeks we'll be full of packing etc
Today I just want to present you new trend in polish nails - it's a upside down french manicure. For me looks quite different but still interesting and what do you think about this idea?

piątek, 4 marca 2011

Emma Watson and eco collection

Emma Watosn this time performenced in the model role for label People Tree and she presented eco collection :-D

wtorek, 1 marca 2011

Oscar 2011

All Sunday night like every year I spent watching Oscar ceremony. I really love to do since I was a child. Right now next to all movie staff i focus as well on outfit all stars invited on them. This year to my top three Oscar dresses I add this all below:

Photo shoots made by Neil Cordell

Last Sunday I have pleasure to work with amazing photographer Neil Cordell. We made a lot of great pictures together and he already booked me to another photo shoots :-D Hurrrray :-)Hope you like them :-)