niedziela, 25 lipca 2010

! tunes festival - studio recording


I had crazy week . On the beginning I received great mail with info that I can be part of cast new part of THE 13 FRiday movie. I was so excited about this, but still need some agrements from acting guilts to be part of this. Wish me luck.

On friday I was in two studios ( one iside and one outside) when togerher with rest people we are recording studio live for ! tunes festival. It was pretty fun. I had ocassion to see working amazing Fearnie Cottone, Dominic Cooper , Caroline Flack and many more :-)

Especialy the last one lady was really nice and lovely. Cause I made a background behind her before we have stareted record she has introduced herself and we talked about her dress and holiday. She was really nice:-)

I had really good weekend and hope you all too.

Take care there

środa, 21 lipca 2010

Going out :-)

Today together with my sister we are going to the city to celebrate b - day two persons that we really like. Both of them I want to wish you all the best, all your dreams will come true and have a perfect b-day party tonight :-)


Nandooos :-)

On monday after my work I was together with my friends in Nandoos where we ate delicious chicken staff and me as well Coleslaw salad that i like :-)
When I'll find amoment I promise to put pic from this evening :-)

niedziela, 18 lipca 2010

Days during that you can't breath

Hi there,

Sometimes I have days like this . I don't know for what I am here? What i should do? I feel so empty and broken inside and I feel that nothing gonna help me. I feel myself like a box full of broken glass inside that all the time hurt the most sensitive part of my body - heart.

You can feel it. Feel it even too much. You can't change it... You need time to double think all to do to remain still alive, you can be like Sisyphus from the treat of Camus. You can fight or surrender. Always there are two choices.

I feel like I was losing my breath. Lived in the room with the vacuum molded. Without this all which I love so much and who are so far away from me...

I miss to raed Heidegger " Being and Time". This is a great book for those who feels that sometimes fall into the vaccum and start living seek answer to the question why we came here.Describes the details of creating the world from all the reality of the world we live in, slowly step by step - presenting them with perfect precision. Heidegger begins to describe the world of objects that meets the title of his being and end at the others begins with whom the title entity with which i identify remains in the relationschip.

nude make up :-) I love it

This summer very popular is nude make up invented by Ellis Faas. She based creating them on natural human things, like colour of humans skin, blood, bruises, moles , frinkles etc. She try to find staff to let emphasize discover beauty of human face. In the stores already you can buy a lot of great cosmetics that let you recive effect of this natural nude make up :

you can try new Micheal Kors shadows for Estee Lauder, YSL staff, Bobbie Brown,Clinique and of course Ellis Faas :-)

Thanks for them your make uo will be look like second natural skin:-) and we love it :-)

Berlin Fashion Show - Patrick Mohr

Love this dress !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Following Berlin fashion week I have noticed very intresting show made by very creative Patrick Mohr.

All female and male models will have bold head, beard and they were look like old very pale people . It was little bizzare but i like this idea .

The all show must be very intresting. Videos from this show you can find on youtube site. Reccomend . Nice watching :-)

pic taken from

wtorek, 13 lipca 2010

Kurt Geiger

Today after work I went to the local House of Fraser where I was going to buy perfume Dolce & Gabbana but instead of this I left this store with a new pair shoes Kurt Geiger ( I really like his shoes :-) ) They are absolutely great and now I can't wait to wear them first time :-)
Hope you like it.
Using from ocassion I checked also local GAP where I have found in the part with sales great schirt that will be perfect for me this summer :-)


Champions :-)

Tyron in action :-)

before entering...

On Sunday held the final of footbal championschip. After 90 minutes not pretty ( far away from beuty) game and extra 30 minutes Spain became new champion of the world. I watched this game in the pub The Zoo together with my friends. Unfortunetly after game instead of stay and take part in the after party had to go home cause next time alarm clock wake me up at 4:30 am.
And using from ocassion I want to wish happy birthday Marie Serneholt that she finished today her 27th :-) Wish you all the best honey :-) My b-day card for you is in the way to Sweden now :-) and hope soon you get them :-)

House of Fraser

wonderful Wonderbra !!!!!!!!!!!!

the bransolette from Linea company

The glasses from Villeroy & Boch - Like them so much :-)

Hi ,

Yesterday I used nice weather and I went to the centre of London to Oxford street where I visited big House of Fraser. I was using some part of my award and I made some lovely shopping :-) I bought new lagguage case cause my old one was broken some weeks ago so it was the highest time to do it :-) Using from ocassion I bought some another staff that I share with you now putting this all pictures :-) Hope you like it :-)

czwartek, 8 lipca 2010








Yesterday after my english classes preparing me to exam I went to vist some vintage stores in Notting Hill area. You can find there a lot of great things. I bought for myself two size more great pulover Jigsaw company for very funny money :-)
I am sure if you like staff like this you'll find there something for you :-)

wtorek, 6 lipca 2010

Zelda Engh

Today I have a honour introduce you the most sunny girl of the world Zelda Engh. Her parents Anna ( Anorah) and Samuel - congratulation from all my heart. Yours daughter is so pretty and cute :-) Enjoy every day of her life, I am sure that she will bring both of you a lot of joy and happines :-)

Laura's b-day party

Hi all,

On saturday I had a pleasure to attend in great b-day party my friends Laura that celebrated her 27th b-day. Everything on this party was connected with her national flag. And extra every guest had to wear at least one of the colour of Lithuanian flag : red, green or yellow. She prepared for this party special yummy jelly that were of coures green , red and yellow as well :-)

Btw going for this part I decided to miss second party during that I was nominated in one category and in the end I won this award, it's a shame that I couldn't collect them personal.

piątek, 2 lipca 2010


My new Yes necklace from new summer collection :-)

me backing home near my home :-)

yesterday before meeting with my best friend Monika I wnt to one of my favourite jewelery shops - YES. This time this shop presented new wonderful and special collction little similar to Rebecca staff. Of courrse i had to buy something and on monday I will present you pic of this.

goddaughter and new part of Twilight

Today together with my mum we wnt to Gnizeno and later to Zydowo where i visited my godduaghter Malwina, her sister and brother and my cousin Malgosia that is the mummy this lovely three small people. It was so good to see their all.
And in the evening when i was back in Poznan i went together with my friend Filip to the cinema to see third part of Twilight saga. it's really good :-)