wtorek, 30 czerwca 2009

Photo shoots, short movie record and Neil b-day :-)

hej hej,It's so hot here...On the beginning I had avisit at manicure salon.At 12 I left home and Iwas going to my agency where I went to the photo studio.I had really fun during all photo shoots. Later I had recording short movie. In the end after this all with Caroline ( one woman works in agency) I went to choose pic to my website and to my profile.Now I am preaparing to going out with friends :-)Wish you all of you Good day.
BY the way Neil Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wish you great party and delicious cake :-) Have fun tonight :-)

poniedziałek, 29 czerwca 2009

Sarastro and Jude Law

On saturday I were with my friends in lovely restaurant Sarestro in Covent Garden. Lovely and georgous inside, yummy food and great vine :-)
On the beginning we were there with Mags and Claudia but later joined to us Soss and Vikki :-)

Later we were to see Jude Law. I get a sign from him for my friend from Poland. i am sure that she will be glad :-)


sobota, 27 czerwca 2009

BIRTHDAY I am 27 !!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday on 26 june I have finished 27 . FRom yesterday I am 27 years old. I can't belive that this time is going so fast....
On the beginning I received wishes and nice chocolate cake from girls with them I am working. It was so nice. They sung me Happy birthday and later
gave me a tort.
The official celebration of my b-day held in Soho Hotel where I received another cake on the nice white plate with the word Happy Birthday Karolina and with a lot of fruits and chocolate.
I had ocassion to try great bnew drink there - Soho sensation - is delicious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Later I put pictures from this psecial day.
Take care


Micheal Jackson

I was in schock !!!!!!!!!!! And I am still in schock!!!!!

On thuersday my friend Sorrel was at my house to give me b-day gift and wishes and one hour later she sent me sms with information"Micheal Jackson is dead". I thought that she is joking cause it was so unreal. Now I know that was the truth.

The world of music lost one of the biggest star on thuersday night. He was inspiration for so many people that I know...

Micheal rest in peace


czwartek, 25 czerwca 2009

Gillian Anderson and nice evening in Covent Garden

Hi all,

I know i had to write more earlier but really I hadn't time for this.
In the end we ( me and Mags) have caught Gillian Anderson on thuesday and we get her sign. She seems to be very nice person. And alot of people told us that this play in that she plays right now it's very good. Later I put here her picture made by Mags and belive me it wasn't easy to make her picture cause she was still moving :-)
Later we walked in Covent Garden and we have discovered nice lovely full of flower restaurant( we go there together with Claudia on saturda). Later I put pictures from this place as well.
Be patient :-)

By the way today I was first time in my agency here in London. From today this agency will be represented me in official way. On thuesday wil be waiting for me photo session and filming video recording. Wish me luck :-)


poniedziałek, 22 czerwca 2009

After weekend

Halla there :-)

Well...Weekend weekend and after weekend.

At first yesterday I checked my mail box defienietly and I have found mail with information that I received a small role in the movie "The Circle". But I received this mail too late and they took someone else to this role :-(((((

Yesterday I bought for me something special. During last days when I looked through the bog Marie Serneholt she recomended the things GHD and I decided to but special iron from this company :-)
pic of them taken by the servis allegro. I can't wait to try them and tell about the results :-)
Today I will try to catch Gilian Anderson in the evening. If i'll do it I'll tell you more later.
See you guys

sobota, 20 czerwca 2009

Friday night

Halla all,

Yesterday again I was in House of Fraser and I buy pretty purple dress :-) Love them :)
Later I met with Mags and our friend Claudia in White Horse where we have ocassion to talk :-)
I was totally sleepy when I am back home ...
Today I'll plan little shopping and watching some movies.
Take care there

czwartek, 18 czerwca 2009


Hey again
Today I had a little time for shopping. I was with my sister in House of Frasr that they have great sales right now.
Cause on 28 june my dad will be have 50 birthday we were looking something for him and we have found :-D Hurray !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't tell you what cause maybe he will be read this so...

take care

Drag me to hell

Halla :-)

Yesterday I had great day. With my sister, Soss and rest of friends I was in the Odeon to see "drug me to hell" I love horror movies :) This one was sometimes very fun and sometimes really scary.If you like this kind of movies - I recomend you watch them :-)

Pic borrow from the film web site

wtorek, 16 czerwca 2009

Anna Nordell wedding day and the the London Dungeon show

Hey all,

I had amazing weekend. On friday I was with my sister and Soss in one nice local pub where at least we can talk about everything. I miss this.

On saturday my best swedish friend had her wedding day. I regret that was raining this day in Stokholm but I know that this fact didn't spoil this day for her and her husband Samuel. I am so happy that she has found someone special in her life and right now she has own small family :-) Anna and SAmuel Engh good luck on the new way of your life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She looked pretty this day. Really.And I regret that I couldn't see her in wedding dress.

On sunday me and Mags decided to go to see The London Dungeon show. It was great. If you like to scary things you have to go. There were scary labirynth made by mirrors. It wasn't easy to find the enter from them. Later you can see a lot of rooms connecting with bloody person known from english history like Sweeney Todd who start to use his barber night behind your back. You will be an victim an operation and in the end wait for you alot of scream but I don't tell you why. You have to go and survive this all yourself :-)


Ps pic of Anna and Sam I took from her myspace page :-) If you want to see more welcome here:

czwartek, 11 czerwca 2009

Anorah wedding

Halla :-)

I have enough underground strike in London. I understand that people want to earn more bur come on. we all suffer.

Tommorow ladies night with my sister and my friend Soss :-) I tell you more later. And during weekend I'll plan something special.I want to see bloody and dark history of England :-D I like to feel the feeling of fair... I'll write you more after weekend.


kramar and puss


czwartek, 4 czerwca 2009

Back to London

Hi all

I am back in London. Thanks God that it's not raining here :-)

Today I went with my sister to make little shopping and we bought All Star for ourselves. I love this shoes :-)

Plans for the evenings - script and later we see some movie on DVD. We'll be great :-)

By the way fingers cross for my friend Howy and his new film.

Have a good evening


środa, 3 czerwca 2009

Last days...

Hi all,

I enjoy last moments here in Poland and I am back to London. I am little sad cause I hate to say goodbye. Always i want to cry and something inside me feels in this special moody way. I will be miss for all people that I have left here for some time.

Thanks for my parents I had wonderfull Day of Child. Mum and Dad I want to thank you for everything what you did it to me. I will be miss you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I have found to one more time meet with Filip and later with my best best friend Monika. I am really greatfull that I had occassion to meet you in my life and that you are still in them. Thanks you fr all honey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pic. Me and my Monika together in club" W starym kinie"