poniedziałek, 28 marca 2011

Video clip "For my wife" Kenneth Benson one of the last shoots

Yesterday I had a very good. Only one problem were my eyes; with them I have a problems since two days and it was extra job for my amazing make up and hair artist Erica Thomas who had to improve my make up from time to time cause of my "crying eyes" :-(
Afternoon I spent in Finsbury Park where for 2 hours I was listening music of Drake Johnston ( amazing voice!!!!!!!!!!!)who special for me played the song KOL "Use Somebody".When he made the breaks between the songs we were talking little bit.He was so nice and he gave me as well his cd with some of his songs.
Late afternoon I spent in Zubi bar where I made one of the last scene to the videoclip Kenneth Benson. This time I get amazing ocassion to use my acting skills cause i get the role foreign lady who wants the diamonds. My dialogues were as well in polish and in english so in the last effect was funny for me cause nobody on the set didn't speak polish. I had a lot of fun making this part of video even if we had to repeat some of these scenes thousands times. It was worth to do it. In the breaks beetwen the videos I had as well some photo shoots with my MUA and Hair Artist Erika Thomas who all the time took care about my look. Thanks for her I look so so good this day. Erika from this place I want to send you special thank you cause you made that first time during yesterday I felt pretty. Love you sweety and hope work with you soon again. as as i get the pictures from yesterday I promise to share them with you :-) Unfortunetly I didn't take my camera with me so I haven't any backstage pic from yesterday to share with you guys :-(
Hope taht all of you have great Sunday too :-)

yours Carolyna

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