wtorek, 2 marca 2010

Stockholm, Grease and a lot of cool people and place

I can't even described how good weekend I had. I landed last friday in Atlanta airport where I catched the bust tond the Stockholm. I was really suprised how much snow it is inside the city :-O
On friday I want to meet with my friend Anna, but unfortunetly she was working this day and she get my last text too late so we hadn't ocassion to meet each other. I hope that we'll do it next time in the summer. First day we were in Skyview on the Ericson concert hall. I could admire awesome view some part of the city from the roof. It was really cool. Later together with Mags we were in Gota lejon Theatre where we bought tickets for the Grease musical :-) The end of the day we spent in blue line of subway ( i love stockholm's underground - it's georgous ).
On saturday we were inMillesgarden and later we went to the Gota Lejon to see awesome swedish version of Grease musical. Thansk for Anna after show I had ocassion to meet with Marie Serneholt who plays Sanna in them She is so lovely, full of energy woman. I rehret that she was beetwen the shows and we hadn't too much time to talk longer. Hope that will be ocassion next time to do it. Marie using from ocassion I want to wish you good luck with this show, hope that you start the tour with them cause the musical in swedish version is very very good. I understood just some words ( i don't speak swedish :- ( ) but i had fun and enjoyed them a lot. Later we were in the old town and old war cementary where I made short artistic movie :-)
ON sunday we visited a lot of place like aquarium, animal skansen and wonderfull park with house full of butterflies. It was great experience for me. And i do it something that make that I am really proud of myself - I touched real TARANTULA . I am afraid of spiders so...
Now I am back in London again and i am badly misssing for Stokholm. Later when I'll work with my camera I put some pictures from this trip.


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