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Hi all,
Today I want to presented you beauty staff that I am using every day:
in the morning I am reach for Intensive bio concept from ESPA company - it's perfect for stessed and dull skin. After using you start to feel how it working :-)
you can buy them here:

another thing that in my beauty staff is Advanced night repair and advanced night repair eye both from Estee Lauder. I am using them every day ( morning and night). My skin after this is in much better condition. I really reccomend this cosmetics. They are worth of their price :D

Every time that my eyes are look dull and I have circles under my eyes I am using Clinique serum eyes. This cosmetic has a great shape so it's so easy to cover them in your bag.After using you feel how your eyes bring to the life

About the cream right now I am using the cream Hydrafresh Loreal company.

Another staff I can't live without them is zel arnikowy made by Floss lek company. It's very usefull when you are over not sleep well night. It helps to cover all black shadows under your eyes :-)

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  1. I really like this post. The Loreal Hydrafresh cream looks really good.

  2. Ty. I like to try different cosmetic staff and check how they are working. This cream is not expensive it cost about 8 pounds and I like them. I feel that my skin is really fresh after using them.


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