piątek, 18 lutego 2011

Busy busy busy

Hi guys,
I know I have another break with writting again but I was quite busy last days. Yesterday I spent most day with amazing photographer making shoots to his new pboto album project. We made together more than 1000 pictures !!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was really crazy but awesome experience for me. And the most important thing my picture has a big achnce to be on the cover his photo album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish me luck guys :-) I ams o excited about this. Tommorow I will go to east London where I have acsting on the cover of CD. I am so excited about this one too cause I never in my life did it staff like that. Fingers cross :D i am so excited cause my friend Anke is in London now and fianlly we'll see each other tommorow. I'll be back here after weekend. I promise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend :-)


I just want to share with you some of thousands pictures made yesterday to artistic photo book project sent via mail by photographer today:-) Hope you like them :-)

this pictures are called by photographer "Angel"

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  1. uwielbiam Twoje zdjęcia :)

    zapraszam do mnie:


  2. Dziekuje :-) Ja Twoje tez uwielbiam :-)


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