wtorek, 10 maja 2011

last shoots to video clip

Yesterday I spent the afternoon and evening in Greenwich Park where the whole crew filmed the last pictures of the video clip Kennha Benson. I worked on this video for more than three months, so it was a little sad to me that these were the last pictures, but on the other hand I'm glad that soon I will have a chance to watch the whole video clip.
During filming on the set of the place had a funny situation. Two kids (boy and girl) asked for my autograph and take a photograph with them. It was for me very, very funny. On the set had the opportunity (as if I had no idea before) know one of the most influential African film producers. When we went to the other photos in the Asian restaurant offering direct I ate a delicious risotto with sweet and sour sauce. On the way home in one of the coaches DLR I managed to do the above photo :-) view outside the window was amazing :-)

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  1. zazdroszczę ;) pozdrawiam i zapraszam od mnie,



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