sobota, 31 grudnia 2011

Year 2011 reflections

Like every year in this last year I am thinking about all things that happend during a year that we have to say goodbye.
This year was very particular from me. From one side I had achance to make so many great things: a lot of photoshoots with great people,three video clips,three movies.I was part two big fashion shows and it was amazing experience for me.I made my first tv commercial. As well I was part two movie premiere that was very exciting.It was good year for all this things that I always wanted to do and I get the chance to do. I had a chance to know new country Portugal - where I spent very lovely holiday. My best uni friend became a mum. I had a chance to spend lovely time with my friends. From other side was difficult year for me cause since couple of months I had to and still have to fight with my illness.
I hope that next year will be much better and will bring all of us great new things. Like last year I promised myself not making any New Year's resolutions and just wait one this New Year 2012 will brink to me.
kisses and huges for all my readers

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