wtorek, 16 czerwca 2009

Anna Nordell wedding day and the the London Dungeon show

Hey all,

I had amazing weekend. On friday I was with my sister and Soss in one nice local pub where at least we can talk about everything. I miss this.

On saturday my best swedish friend had her wedding day. I regret that was raining this day in Stokholm but I know that this fact didn't spoil this day for her and her husband Samuel. I am so happy that she has found someone special in her life and right now she has own small family :-) Anna and SAmuel Engh good luck on the new way of your life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She looked pretty this day. Really.And I regret that I couldn't see her in wedding dress.

On sunday me and Mags decided to go to see The London Dungeon show. It was great. If you like to scary things you have to go. There were scary labirynth made by mirrors. It wasn't easy to find the enter from them. Later you can see a lot of rooms connecting with bloody person known from english history like Sweeney Todd who start to use his barber night behind your back. You will be an victim an operation and in the end wait for you alot of scream but I don't tell you why. You have to go and survive this all yourself :-)


Ps pic of Anna and Sam I took from her myspace page :-) If you want to see more welcome here:

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