poniedziałek, 20 lipca 2009

After weekend

Hi all,

Washing machine is working again :-D Hurrrrrray :-)
On saturday I should be in workship for actors here in London and preapre the script Aftermatch but in the same time I had a audition meeting so I couldn't be there :-(
I was in great music studio where they recorded their records a lot of great musicians like David Bowie. I was in the same studio and I had a chance to listen first time in my life my own voice signing my own song. It was so exciting.
Today I received inforation that they accepted me to the special some months program but all costs are unfortunetly too expensive for me in this moment. maybe later in the future I will be ocassion to do this project. It will be great.
On sunday together with Mags and Soss we picked up Kers from the airport and after we went to Soss sister Zoe :-) It was nice .
Today we were in the city to see The London Bridge Experience and after all I felt little disapointed. I thought that it will be longer and much more scary. Well...

take care

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Thank you so much for every single comment they make me smile. I will try to visit your blog as soon as I can :-) If you like my blog just follow me, if I like yours I will do the same :-)

Dziękuję bardzo za każdy pojedyńczy komentarz. Odwiedzam Wasze blogi tak szybko jak mogę :-) Jesli spodoba się Tobie mój blog będzie mi miło jak go zaobserwujesz. Jeśli spodoba mi sie Twój z pewnością zrobię to samo :-)