piątek, 20 listopada 2009

home sweet home

Hi guys,

I haven't net in London cause something wrong was happend with my doggle and i hope that they will change them and I receive them back. I had terribile wednesday night , i aslep on my plane. I mean that instead at 00:30 I woke up 2 hours later and ... thanks God i have caught the taxi and i wasn't late. i have little time to buy caffe and some cosmetics for me.
This night I had more crazy not pleasent situations but thanks God all of them they will finish good so... at 10 am I was in Poznan airport from where my dad took me home. i love to be here. later i went to my hairdresser. i still have new braids that she made me :-D and later I met with my best friend Monika. We really need to talk each other.Thansk for her I'll be ocassion to see one of the movie that i really want to watch. Thanks you for this honey :-D
I want to thank you in special way as well taxi driver for alll nice words and support :-D


Ps today I was with my mum in cinema where we saw "fame: Great movie :-) and later we were in nice caffe shop.

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Thank you so much for every single comment they make me smile. I will try to visit your blog as soon as I can :-) If you like my blog just follow me, if I like yours I will do the same :-)

Dziękuję bardzo za każdy pojedyńczy komentarz. Odwiedzam Wasze blogi tak szybko jak mogę :-) Jesli spodoba się Tobie mój blog będzie mi miło jak go zaobserwujesz. Jeśli spodoba mi sie Twój z pewnością zrobię to samo :-)