sobota, 26 grudnia 2009

Christmas Market

Hi all,

On 23th I was in Christmas Market in Hyde Park here in London. The market looked so lovely, full of live and people ocourse. I regret only that the weather was rainy. At first i decided to go to the tunel of fear. It was fun. Later I tried Power Tower and it was scary and incredibile experience for me. I have never felt something like this in my life. I don't know that ever in my life i'll repeat this. Later me and Mags have choosen less stresfull atractions :-). In the end we ate tasty saurkraft :-)


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Thank you so much for every single comment they make me smile. I will try to visit your blog as soon as I can :-) If you like my blog just follow me, if I like yours I will do the same :-)

Dziękuję bardzo za każdy pojedyńczy komentarz. Odwiedzam Wasze blogi tak szybko jak mogę :-) Jesli spodoba się Tobie mój blog będzie mi miło jak go zaobserwujesz. Jeśli spodoba mi sie Twój z pewnością zrobię to samo :-)