czwartek, 16 lutego 2012

AID Fashion Show

Today I just want to share with you pic from my last Fashion Show that took place in London Waterloo :-)( all pictures were made by my dad :-)
Yesterday I had honour to be one of the models being part AID fashion show. I presented outfits designs by Emma Rees' in second part of the show.
We had to present the same clothes collection three times for different group of people ( fashion press, fashion bloggers etc). After show my group of models posed together with one of the UK tv star - Olivier Proudlock - made in chelsea ( promotion pic for press).
I can't wait to see professional pictures made by press during this show.And of course as soon as I get them I promise to share them with you :-) It was great to see some of my model friends with them I worked before :-)

me and other models after show- time for fun

Posing for press, fashion press etc :D

fashion show preparation ;-)
and again :-) before show preparations :D
show time - catwalk :-)
caught after the act by my dad ;-)
with models and star Made in Chelsea - Ollie Proudlock :D

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  1. wow świetnie to wygląda !! :) co za kolorowe stroje :)

  2. I bylo bardzo bardzo wygodne w noszeniu :-)


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