czwartek, 3 grudnia 2009

sad :-(

Hi all,

This is my first decembre post. I want to sacrifice them my friend's sister who she died cause of cancer. When I read this new I was really really sad. I have one sister with them i am very close. I can't imagine my life without her. She always was part of them. So when I try imagine what feel in this moment my friend I am getting really sad. I am still thinking about this. It's really hard to find the words that can help in this oment. I think that this words it don't exist. Some cases are always you can feel just inside your heart. Nowhere else. You can just feel them but never describe using words. You have to feel to undersatnd them. Honey I am so so sorry cause of your sister. Take care over there and if you need me I am here...


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Thank you so much for every single comment they make me smile. I will try to visit your blog as soon as I can :-) If you like my blog just follow me, if I like yours I will do the same :-)

Dziękuję bardzo za każdy pojedyńczy komentarz. Odwiedzam Wasze blogi tak szybko jak mogę :-) Jesli spodoba się Tobie mój blog będzie mi miło jak go zaobserwujesz. Jeśli spodoba mi sie Twój z pewnością zrobię to samo :-)