niedziela, 18 lipca 2010

Days during that you can't breath

Hi there,

Sometimes I have days like this . I don't know for what I am here? What i should do? I feel so empty and broken inside and I feel that nothing gonna help me. I feel myself like a box full of broken glass inside that all the time hurt the most sensitive part of my body - heart.

You can feel it. Feel it even too much. You can't change it... You need time to double think all to do to remain still alive, you can be like Sisyphus from the treat of Camus. You can fight or surrender. Always there are two choices.

I feel like I was losing my breath. Lived in the room with the vacuum molded. Without this all which I love so much and who are so far away from me...

I miss to raed Heidegger " Being and Time". This is a great book for those who feels that sometimes fall into the vaccum and start living seek answer to the question why we came here.Describes the details of creating the world from all the reality of the world we live in, slowly step by step - presenting them with perfect precision. Heidegger begins to describe the world of objects that meets the title of his being and end at the others begins with whom the title entity with which i identify remains in the relationschip.

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