niedziela, 31 maja 2009

After weekend

Hi guys,

It was very busy weekend for me. On friday I was in Gniezno where I visit my lovely goddaughter , her sister, brother and mum :-) I was going there by train that I left in last moment.Really, when I was reading In Style magazine and listening music from my !pod suddenly I have noticed that this train is stopped and that we are in Gniezno. I had a lot of luck that I noticed this :-)

Later I met with my friends and together we were going to one artistic place here where my friend and great photographer invited me. We had a lot of laugh there. And i had ocassion to see some great things made by this all talented people there.

On saturday I made some shopping. And by the way I bought swedish book cause I am going to learn this language. by the way I never supposed that it will be so hard. Thanks God I am very stubborn person so... I am not going to give up :-D

On friday I received inew that my friend Anorah ( Anna Nordell) will getting married. I ma so happy for her and I can't wait to see with her on july. I am sure that we'll be have fun in Stokholm :-) By the way Anna I wish you all the best on new way of your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I spent time with my grandma and later with my friend where I had ocassion to try sex on the beach ( really I've never drunk them before). :-)

pic : on the right : Malwina, Mikołaj and Martynka
on the left : my lovely Malwi alone :-)

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