niedziela, 31 maja 2009

Things that I like

Hi all again,

Couple days ago my myspace friend Marie Serneholt prepared the list of things that she likes. I decided to do it here the same. And this is the results:
SHOES: Black shoes from KG
SNEAKERS: white from Adidas
JEANS: navy blue C-in-C
T-SHIRT: two first white I love NY and second white designed by Stella Mccartney special for The red nose charity auction
UNDERWEAR: white bra from H&M
BAG: now black from House of Fraser, second one black and white from Wittchen
SUNGLASSES: hmmmm.... I have to buy some pair :-)
WATCH: just mobile and !pod :-)
JEWELERY: silver butterfly from Tiffany and silver earings from Kruk
TV: Sony
Mp3: !pod
COMPUTER: silver laptop from
FACE AND MAKE -UP: Estee Lauder, Vichy , Loreal, Soraya, Chanel
DEODERANT: vichy ( love them)
TOOTHPASTE: blend a med
SHAMPOO / Conditioner: Toni and Guy
SOAP : I haven't favourite
PERFUME: Kenzo and now I like also summer version from CK
MINERAL WATER: Żywiec, Evian and Perrier
Wine : white
BREAD : polish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Food: italian food and fruit salads :)
ICE CREAM : sorbet
BAD:my private in polish apartament :-)
HAIRDRESSER: Grażyna Szczecińska-Stachowiak
EVERY DAY: breakfast and net :-)
MAGAZINE: In Style, Glamour and Film :-)

And that's all for now.
Tommorow wait for me vist at my cosmetic and later lovely meeting with parents in Malta Gallery :-)

Take care

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Thank you so much for every single comment they make me smile. I will try to visit your blog as soon as I can :-) If you like my blog just follow me, if I like yours I will do the same :-)

Dziękuję bardzo za każdy pojedyńczy komentarz. Odwiedzam Wasze blogi tak szybko jak mogę :-) Jesli spodoba się Tobie mój blog będzie mi miło jak go zaobserwujesz. Jeśli spodoba mi sie Twój z pewnością zrobię to samo :-)